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  1. @steroidsR4fuckups you say something like that to these boys face would you? No you wouldnt and I know why. They'd rip you head right off your shoulders mate. And they've got the strength to do it. You've no idea what these boys do to get the way they are, not all use steroids and steroids alone arent enough, you still have to train your ass off. Theres so many people who would agree with me I think.

  2. I've never had anything against guys that use steroids. Personally i don't, but my friend does. As long as there are natural competitions for guys like me, and others for guys like him, i see no reason for people to great video by the way.

  3. The video is good. Two thumbs up for natural body builders. There hardwork and discipline definitely shines to their bodies. I do wanted to share a link of a site that gives workout plans and exercises on how you could gain lean muscles and burn fats faster to help you develop a lean muscular look. Youtube won't allow me to post the link but you can always check it out on my profile.

  4. @DistortedBrain Cheers mate, I get wound up by those people too easily.Im no pro neither but I know what all fitness people have to do to get what they want and its not easy, steroids or not.

  5. @braverman28 – but you dont have the money to buy the cars, neither do you work hard enough to earn the money. right?

    There's a reason why some guys drive nice cars and some guys are big.. it's because they dont waste their time trolling like you do.

  6. @holyfather..whatever. There are other alternatives to the needle brotha. Just sayin. Buttonless for letting us know your car is cheap and you, however are big. I'm so excited for you. -noticed you don't have any vids OR a pic. Let's see what you got.

  7. @WallyJose
    Yeah.. I hear yah man!
    That is a great course and I use it too
    and it worked! I got that info from a friend
    of mine who is so health conscious and
    very dedicated to build muscles. But
    anyway, you got the name of the site
    mispelled. It should be:

  8. @thenextarnold1 good comment !!! bodybuilders life is: 100% diet, 100% gym !!! you must eat 6 or 7 times a day !!! go to the gym, train hard, eat big, sleep and shit !!! no parties, no drinking, no women !!! at the end you'll see fucking big results !!!!

  9. it looks pretty stupid being that short and buff, most of these guys aren't even 5'10 atleast.. if you're real tall and buff like them then you look more like a god then a circus freak

  10. @gjvtjec yes. When i was working out hard to make muscles my senior guys did not tell me about this method. But my friends are getting really big muscles after using this product. lucky i could find this video >>>

  11. For those of you who say "oh he cheated… I could get like that too if i was using juice." In reality no you wouldn't unless you dedicated years of training and hard work.

  12. @jhxherb yes i mean it. Most of my friends had this problem even with hard work no muscles were coming. Listen to this really I encourage you set aside just 10 minutes and make up your mind for yourself. I found this video here –>

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