Bodybuilding Mother-of-four Juggles Family And Firefighting

A mum-of-four whose ginormous muscles terrify small children has said she will never stop getting bigger. Supermum Lorna Biggam qualified for the British Female Bodybuilding Finals just ten months after giving birth to her one-year-old daughter by caesarean section. As well as juggling her gruelling fitness regime with being a mum to four children, Lorna also works full time as a firefighter. The ripped 40-year-old, whose partner Steven, 31, is also a bodybuilder, wakes up at 5.30am every day to fit in an hour of cardio before starting the school run. Her day is then a frantic cycle of washing, cleaning, baby feeds, and changing nappies – with firefighter shifts and weightlifting crammed in between.

Videographer / Director: Jonathan Pow
Producer: Emma Pearson, Chloe Browne
Editor: Joshua Douglas

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  1. I feel so inspired by this admirable woman, can you imagine how many things she can teach her children with her example? Like, discipline, consistency, structure, establishing and accomplishing goals, wow!! Hats off ❤️

  2. She should do whatever makes her happy. I get plenty of flack for being six feet tall. This one little snot called me a mutant and deformed. Some men like to mess with my husband since he's shorter than I am. Who cares? I find that people who are that asinine are usually miserable jerks who have no real life, no self confidence and like to spread their unhappiness to others to make themselves feel better. For people like that you just ignore them or have a really good comeback line ready. I made a man cry once after he said something rude about my husband.

  3. There Is nothing feminine about her. She has started looking like a man and God made woman to be delicate soft n beautiful.
    I dunno what is wrong with women some are stuck with weights and others with surgeries.

  4. I know its 4 year passed but I see this video today and I had a question that u r mother of 4 and how u managed your that sagging mommy tummy do u have tummy tuck or what ur stomach doesn't see like it had carry any baby in there plz answer me I want to know coz I m working for my mummy tummy and I m not getting rid of it.

  5. Even I respect her for the discipline she has in sports and also as a mother, I must say she shouldn't be a good example for other women. She had to sacrifice a lot. First of all, she takes anabolic steroids. She responds to it very good as you can hear in her voice, but for a woman its impossible to have that muscle mass and such a low fat level without taking them! And then, she also didn't lost her period, which is very rare under female bodybuilders, first because they take anabolic steroids and second, because it's a lot of work for you body and a lot of stress. Most of the women lose their period for years, some of them even forever. So its not a good example if you show her with her kids without mentioning that she takes steroids and explain all the side effects of it.

  6. every single person in the world "attractive" or otherwise, has been judged for how they look at some point, by some one.
    when people say "i would never judge how someone looks" they are lying to themselves.


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