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  1. Arnold is the standard and put bodybuilding on the map. He is the final statement. Anything that followed was a close runner up or simply a huge freakish cartoon character such as we see today. He was pure grace while the others strained.

  2. I remember him in the Guinness Book Of World Records as the most perfectly developed man in the world. Can’t remember the exact issue but maybe either 1977/78/79.
    Guys are bigger now but they don’t have the symmetry he had and when was having a pot belly seen as a beautiful thing to look at.
    For me, he is the best ever and certainly the most influential.

  3. I always find it funny that when he decided to act in movies he was so big the directors said to him you have to get smaller for the movies 😀 he was to big back then 😀 best actionstar ever lived! Hope he never dies and when he does he diserves the theme of T2 when he lowers down into the fire…that would be perfect!

  4. His body was a greatest of all time.. It was not to big and too much.. And its like the body of robot.. So much texture than now era… I'm full respect of Arnold. I hope one day I can achieve this kind of body..

  5. Every time I see a picture of Arnold back in the 70s era I'm totally blown away. I'm not gay by any stretch but man.. its extremely impressive. The other body builders have all them veins popping out. It looks gross. Arnold looked smooth. And freakin HUGE.. it's crazy. Cant speak highly enough about Arnold as a human being. So impressed. Not that my opinion mean jack squat to anyone but myself but.. Arnold blows my mind. One hell of a human being.
    Arnold and Hitler will always have my respect.

  6. Modern guys have shoulders that are way too big. Look at Arnold, and any of those guys, they all have smaller shoulders but it looks fantastic with big arms and small waist. Big bi's, tri's, chest, lats, plus small waist, and slimmer legs than today, equals beauty.

    Today's emphasis on shoulders, traps, legs ruins physiques. Guys want to maximize every muscle part but it's not about that, it's about appeal, beauty, adding some here, taking some there, to get a flow, a pleasing flow to the body. This is art. There's no art in today's bodybuilding, it's nothing but a muscle accumulation contest with a bit of genetic influence.

    Today's training also puts a ton of stress on the core, combined with high anabolic use this causes the core to grow to outrageous proportions, including individual abdominal muscles the size of soda can. It's gross looking. Guys need to stop activating their cores, and gently focus on light ab work. With dieting the abs will be thin and look great, like in Arnold's era.


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