Putting my physique to the test in New York doing functional and conditioning drills with Devon Lévesque.

Training programmes – https://mikethurston.co.uk/

Devon’s Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/devonlevesque/

Big thank you to – https://performixhouse.com/

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  1. This functional training looks like a program for martial artists. I am doing some drills like this every week for cardio instead of running. Boxing is also a very good option for fitness guys.

  2. This tool was pretty irresponsible to put you into advanced techniques right off. He admitted they were advanced.
    I incorporated some ring movements into my routine, starting at age 45, went at it hard the first week, and then had to take two weeks off from pushing movements due to some minor strains that I’m thankful we’re not worse, honestly. I then sucked in my pride and slowly taught myself technique and reconditioned for the movements.
    Props to you Mike for trying this. And show this tool my comment and some of the others here. Mike, be thankful you didn’t get injured and put on the shelf for a few weeks (or months). This showoff should’ve started you with some explanation, a few slow reps, and for fuck sake you never push someone hard on a new explosive movement, which is irresponsible.
    And there are several posters here that could do the same shit he’s doing with a few weeks or months of training for it, so this dipshit can go stick a sock in it.
    Mike, keep up your great content and humility.

  3. that ball throwing hand-eye coordination looked sick!
    FYI the reason you can't do it is the same that many first time lifters might struggle benching the bar, it's not that the main muscle strength isn't there, but the stabilizers aren't used to the amount of pressure, which in a pushup using hanging rings and a ball is pretty much most stabilizing muscles in your body. With practice though these tend to strengthen up and coordinate (yes, because any pressure your rotator cuff stabilizers apply to balance on the rings needs to also get picked up by your calves which are balancing on the ball) very quickly.

  4. never seen worse push ups from a trainer.. lol.. where did you learn that crap? the ring push ups are embarrassing, not even finishing the reps. did you ever heard of a ring support hold? and the bodybuilder is a perfect example of his (non functional) useless power. but to be fair, the trainer takes every chance to embarass him and doesnt adapt the difficulty of the given exercises

  5. Yea i dunno man… feel like this was an amazing idea from your side, and could have been so cool to watch, but that trainer just made it hard to watch honestly. Guy clearly has some skills, he should have realized where you are as an athlete and adapted the workout to match your level :/

  6. This wall flip burpee shit he was doing, I ain't never seen anything more useless than this before. These two 'exercises' do absolutely not relate.

  7. Functional Training is supposed to improve your everyday life (marketing imo) Can you explain to me how doing press ups whilst balancing on rings, walking handstands and back flips off a wall improve your everyday life??

  8. I don't think the trainer is half as bad as people in the comment section wants to make him look. Sure he was teasing Mike a bit with the ring push-ups but other than that he was just demonstrating his side of training and was pretty helpful too.

  9. The trainer was just showing off.. I think he wanted to show Mike that tho smaller he was more athletic and faster. I think it was obvious that he was just showing off and doing stuff that while athletic was stupid and not safe to execute. I wanted Mike to call him on it. It was a shit show of things. It was great to see Mike's poise and the contrast in character between two well-built guys.

  10. Looking forward to seeing the video of Devon struggling to keep up with Mike on squats, deadlifts, barbell rows, bench press, barbell curls, lat raises, overhead presses, and so on and so on…….


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