Fouad ‘Hoss’ Abiad takes you back to when he started. When money is tight but you have to reach your goal, you do what it takes to get it done. Bodybuilding meals on a budget will show you the foods he ate and the meals he prepared to get him through the early years.




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  1. Since this is meals on a budget, and everyone is trying to hit their macros, boneless skinless chicken breast is $2 lb. By far the cheapest protein source there is, those cans of tuna are almost $1 for 5oz…

  2. More like this please. Just meals in general. There are so so many body builders showing workouts. But not many showing how they cook a meal. And I mean a meal like you did just now. So something with carbs/fats proteins.

    Thanks for this big guy.

  3. Basically ate tuna as my protein source for dinner every day, ive lost over a 100 pounds. But having a lot of money or not, tuna is amazing lol. And I've found simple meals like you just showed, or switching with eggs/egg whites actually helps me personally. If I don't have to overthink, it helps me mentally, i don't mind eating the same thing

  4. Tuna garlic fried rice with peas or chickpeas was my go to recipe for cheap sources of protein, apart from eggs. Like Fouad said, your sources of protein is what you can get / think of when your starting out. The building blocks of a true champ.

  5. I feel like tuna these days really isn't much cheaper than ground turkey, and chicken unless you are buying the extremely lean stuff.
    A pound of chicken, and turkey is around 100 grams of protein.
    You have to buy multiple cans of tuna to get that amount.

  6. I think nowadays given the price of tuna its about the same or cheaper to go with some store brand chicken breast. im on a budget and do pretty much that. years ago though it was all about the tuna as was so cheap

  7. This man talks the god hounest truth.
    I never had any money i would eat bags off pasta.
    And just dry ground beef and rice.
    Al real bodybuilding fanatics know it aint ffin easy and it damn sure aint cheap eather.
    This man puts that porspectif 4 every one too see.
    Good video and so real keep it up.
    These youngsters only see you after decades off grondig daily

  8. Honestly no BS straight up what it takes type of guy. These days Justin Bieber, or miley Cyrus are who the kids look up to. I much prefer a Vet like Travis Haley or a dude like F.A. Awesome video man keep up the good work.

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