IFBB Head Judge Steve Weinberger said that the reason Phil lost was his midsection. Does this mark a massive change in bodybuilding?
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  1. if they sacrifice size for aesthetics that indirectly means they will come in healthier. the gut is a clear indicator of growth hormone abuse. yes in the last two decades growth hormone and insulin injection has been necessary to win, but hopefully that's changing. as someone else here pointed out: down sizes might save lives

  2. It't about time! What is the number one body part men want to perfect when they want to impress women? Abs. For some reason, for the past 2 decades BB winners have had no abs development. Women wouldn't even pay attention to a guy at the beach if he showed up with abs that look like those of BB winners.

  3. TOP 10 L's, in the fitness industry this year so far:

    1. Phil Heath
    2. Kenny K.O.
    3. Jeremy Buendia
    4. Jed North
    5. Brad Castleberry
    6. Big Ramy
    7. Nathan De Asha
    8. Artemus Dolgin
    9. Lui Marco
    10. Wesley Vissers

  4. Big Rami's thighs are so out of proportion that he shouldn't be able to win a raffle. I woulda given the Mr.O title to Roelly this year, all things being equal. I was disappointed year after year when Frank Zane won THREE Mr O titles when there were guys with actual muscular development looking so much more deserving of the title. Every year Muscle and Fitness magazine tried to defend the judges' decisions to award Zane the crown. The plain truth was that Joe Weider hand picked the winners every year. He was trying to get bodybuilders to take less steroids by promoting Frank Zane as a physique that could be conceivably achieved naturally. That hand picking of the Olympia winners also satisfactorily explains why Arnold beat an unbeatable Mike Mentzer in 1980. There were so many factors at play behind the scenes back then. Remember Arthur Jones? He of Nautilus Machine fame? Mentzer trained under Jones on Nautilus machines almost exclusively, a fact that used to burn Weider's butt no end. I remember an article in Muscle Builder or whatever in which Weider claimed that Mentzer was using "Weider Principles" even when using the (Weider-hated) Nautilus machines. If you believed Weider's bullshit in his magazines, Joe invented the hole in the middle of the barbell plates!

  5. I don't know. All the previous Mr. O started out pretty good. Hell, I never liked Coleman but I can't deny that he looked good at first.. Then the freak part took over the aestethic. Same could be said about Dorian and Phil. Perhaps the one who never really over did it was Cutler, he always had a minimum degree of decency in my opinion with its high and low. I like the message they sent this year, but let's see if they (both competitors and judges) can keep this up.

  6. So glad too see the end of the gut!! Because of the focus on the gut being criticised over the past few years there is positive change in that area..Rhoden look amazing at the Olympia worthy champion..

  7. I'm convinced a lot of synthol is getting used. Look at the shoulders on most of them. They aren't better bodybuilders all round, yet have these huge round shoulders. What did they do? do everything worse than bodybuilders did 25 years ago, yet discovered a way to build shoulders like never before?

  8. This is an insoluable problem because of how subjective bodybuilding is. When you change the judging criteria controversy will just swing the other way and people will complain about small guys winning over some mass monster (if they happen to be more likeable than Phil). “Aesthetics” is not clearly defined at all which is why the same people who complain about Phil Heath like Ronnie Coleman and Big Ramy.

  9. Everybody always talks about these big bubble guts but nobody explains how they got so distended and huge. Is it from drug taking, wrong training or lack of training, or what. The old time guys didn't have anything like we see now.

  10. These g uys don't look good at all. They are all jucied up, unhealthy, painted up with too dark of spray tans, and are all probalby going to die of heart and liver and kidney disease. Why glorify this with these shows? It is destructive!!!

  11. Dont some of the drugs they take like growth hormones make their organs grow making the bubble gut i just want to know how do you make a smaller gut when your organs have grown so big?

  12. Dude nick can you make a video about this though I just had. Shawn Rhoden best Olympia ever? Cause if you think about it you have the mass. The freaky size the almost a mass monster size. But then you have this smaller waist line with a freaky abdominal area as well. Like the perfect mix. Idk that’s just how I feel. And keep it up ur channel is awesome!

  13. Awesome. That is great news. It's about time. The small waistline is a much better look. With the small waist and wide shoulders the guys still look huge. But that look appeals to more people. I hope more body builders get into acting.


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