What is one of the biggest factors that determines bodybuilding success that people don’t realize?

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  1. I love this video so much. This is just like my dad and uncle, my uncle had a small waist and had a sick physic at only a teen, but my dad (who was 3 years younger) was eextremely strong and very lean, had a bigger waist and it looked less appealing even though his stats were higher. I unfortunately have the same genetics:/

  2. God dammit, I’m focusing on back more than ever and in hopes to bring out my lats and overall back thickness to give the illusion of less wide hips. Good vid man.

  3. I have ridiculously thin wrists and narrow shoulders, no bicep or tricep and uneven body fat distribution (lots in belly) but am skinny. Is there any hope for me or should I just give up?

  4. Clavicles and Scapulas define bodybuilding physiques, then hips and waists, in THAT order. I have the widest shoulders you've ever seen, long torso, small wrists and ankles (taper), big thighs and I am 5'11" which is max height for bodybuilders.

  5. i literally want to kill myself. some dude trained for 6 months looks like he lifts meanwhile i lifted for 3 years and dont look as good as him. from the side, hell i look way more developed, but from the front, my wide hips and narrow shoulders just fucking ruin me. i dont know why i even train anymore.

  6. Getting bigger every year biulding muscle takes time with 0 injuries also as it will set you back hugely it takes along time always growing number one thing never starve yourself eat all the time healthy plenty of protien 115 kilo 5.11 18 inch arms going for 19inch in next year started from 16inch at 100 kilo nearly 2 years full time bodybuilding. 8.5 inch wrist 15.5 inch forearm.

  7. Very interesting and well put together. I have always struggled with my medium shoulder width and over-responsive traps which make my shoulders look too round and narrower than they really are. My delts are totally overwhelmed by my ridiculous traps. This has made me quit bodybuilding quite a few times over the years because it makes me look smaller rather than bigger. I have had comments such as "have you lost weight?" which annoys the crap out of me when I have been  hammering the weights and I know I have actually gained weight. I am focusing on exercises that don't work the traps at the moment such as the bench press and squat, two exercises that I absolutely love. When I let my traps atrophy I actually look much wider. Sometimes you have to work with what you have and adapt and not follow the conventional wisdom.


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