Bodybuilding Food – What Did Arnold Schwarzenegger Eat?
5 Meals In A Day Of Arnold Schwarzenegger

– Alan Walker – Fade [NCS Release]


  1. So cheap trick to shows ads for protein and yogurt 🙂
    1. Give references to source of your info. Otherwise, I cannot know if you're a cheap lair or high quality information provider (well, it's pathetic, I KNOW WHO YOU ARE)
    2. Get some brain to show ads in less rude way. Your abilities as a marketer is of 5yo child.

  2. youre trying to tell me that in a big bowl of salad and 1-2 cups of brown rice have 48g of protein? that must have a been a really big salad and with a lot of chicken… please

  3. crap video making stuff up. rice wasn't big back in the golden era. arnold didn't like dairy although they did eat cottage cheese. they ate a ton of beef, less on fish and chicken. they weren't big on vegetables, a salad here and there but not like tons of broccoli and other steamed vegs.

  4. Whenever I hear this song I know it’s going to be a shitty bodybuilding page that uses stupid content everybody knows already or knows is shit.
    Type of shit you would see on the Discover page using a skeleton doing barbell curls with a highlighted region of the biceps saying 3×5 “The Rock beast Workout”

  5. Sí comía es todo eso como no se va a poner una bestia si yo comiera la mitad de eso sería más bestia porque lo que como arroz y huevo me pone bestia Gracias también ami full entrenamiento y a veces Después de entrenar comer atún carne o Huevo con arroz para seguir creciendo


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