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  4. A grain is a complex carb, the glycemic index really doesnt play a big role once you add protein, fiber, and fat. Really the only time white rice would be worse than brown rice is if it was consumed on an empty stomach without anything else, after not eating for 3 to four hours

  5. THANK YOOOOUUU!!! Thank you seriously, people just automatically assume because White bread is bad then ALL white starches must be horrendous, a grain is a complex carb, keep up the hard work JR you've come a long way bro

  6. Lets hope you can use the microwave big boy.

    Did you really need to ask if he reheats his meals? I just noticed you posted that 5 months ago and he never answered. I hope you where not eating cold meals all this time LMAO…to funny.

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  8. is it me or did this guy just cook PRE-COOKED SHRIMP? LMAO…I see all the NEGATIVE comments for this video but this guy is headed in the right direction and will get better as he gains more knowledge. Hes NOT competing for mr universe or anything, so calm down people. LOL

  9. Wow bro, thanks to the anonymity of the internet you almost sounded like a real tough guy. Funny how you think I have a low IQ when you couldnt even figure out how to use a microwave. LOL What a complete moron, you were better off not replying. I think your tampon may be up to high, dude.

  10. Bro, I honestly have no idea what you're trying to say. If you're going to make e-threats then you may want to ditch the donald duck avatar and learn how to string together a coherent sentence, moron.

  11. i'am in the marketing field so therefore am usually out in my my question is if i were to prepare such meals and store in the fridge.
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  12. quick question, how can you keep eating the same stuff? I'm really sick of the food im eating, which is only frozen veggies with green peas and i add garlic, onions, and sometimes shallots to the mix–

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  23. Remember, fruit like a banana or apple is fructose, which needs to be broken down by the liver first before entering the blood stream causing a slower release of sugar, the starchy rice hits your blood stream immediately like a sugar bomb causing an insulin spike which promotes fat storage…..

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