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– Jon Venus

The Quest For Fitness


  1. So, how would you know how much calories to intake? Example. I weight 194lbs (5'9 ft) but I am overweight and I want to weight 185lbs. How do I determine how much calories to intake to lose body fat? Thanks! Hala Madrid

  2. you freaking liar where you were fat? you just relaxed your belly but the abs still showed up if you think that is fat you are freaking bad… You just had an idea about new video and pretended this

  3. If you felt bad when you were "fat" (which btw NOBODY would call that fat) then you've got some real issues. Walking around shredded constantly is tiring. It's alright to put a little on during the winter months and cutting down for summer.

  4. Great video Jon, only one point I disagree with and I hope you will look into. Dietary fat does not get immediately stored as bodyfat. It is actually easier for carbohydrates to become bodyfat because part (or all, depending on the amount of fat you're eating) of the dietary fat goes into maintaining your bodily membranes, your skin, cholesterol etc. It is carbs that turn into fat easily – especially alcohol and sugar. Carbs are not a dietary requirement at all, I they are just simply energy (which we can get from protein and fat, the only necessary carbs are those from vegetables, which are necessary due to their fiber and micronutrients) and if you are in a caloric surplus, and you don't need the carbs for any bodily functions, therefore it gets turned into fat first by the body. In the case of sugar and alcohol, they are processed in the liver differently than other types of carbs, and basically get turned immediately into fat during a caloric surplus, in contrast to say, a starch, because of the differing glycemic indicies. It gets much more complicated than that but the bottom line is that DIETARY FAT DOES NOT MAKE YOU FAT, CALORIC SURPLUS DOES, AND CARBS MAKE YOU FATTER MORE EASILY THAN DIETARY FAT. For more information check out resources describing the mechanisms behind the ketogenic diet, and also the YouTube channel "what I've learned" has a good video on the science behind macronutrient breakdown.

  5. Im not that fat nor am I skinny. Just a little belly fat and all. I go to the gym 5 times a week and do mass building workouts. I dont do fatloss exercises. I havent cut my diet, I still eat the way I eat. My question is if I start planning my diet, and go to the gym with only muscle building workouts and not trying to lose fat only building muscle (I sweat a lot), will I be able to lose body fat in the process or do I have to do all these fat losing exercises? HELP

  6. I lost all motivation for fitness when i lost my baby daughter in 2012, i lost interest in life and started eating kebabs and drinking 8 cans of beer a night, i went from 15 stone up to 20 stone in less than a year and have maintained this. I started cycling recently as i am feeling more motivated now, i could only cycle 50 yards to start with but with motivation i can now do 1 mile, i know this isn't far but i do have a spine condition as well. i am going to start light dumbell training soon as well, i can't believe how unfit i have become in such short time. Motivation is key, and you have to be willing to do what the average person won't do in order to achieve your goals. I've lost 2 stone in 9 weeks intermittent fasting and cycling, i hope to get to 14 stone.

  7. Your example of the 5500 calorie surplus and then the example of making it up after cheat days shot some motivation my way. Clear and easy method that I pass by at times. I find myself just cheating then saying "oh well". Thanks!!!

  8. I would suggest reading this until the end so you can see what my opinion is. A lot of professional bodybuilders are consuming more calories than they actually need. Ok, obviously the professionals competing are juicing heavily in which they have to or else they couldn't stand a chance winning a mr Olympia. There is no need for them to go so overboard on their diet, but of course the public in this day and age loves to see freak shows that are extremely bloated. Steroids are not the only reason why someone gets a big stomach and large muscles, or really lean with very defined muscles. Diet is a big component as well that will shape your body in however you want it to look like, whether you want to be a bloated motherfucker or a lean machine. Steroids only makes everything more extreme of course depending what type of steroids you are taking such as anavar which is weaker and in tablet form as opposed to something that is a strong injectable like Nandrolone or also called Deca Durabolin. These pro bodybuilders are consuming when they bulk probably at least 15,000 calories a day in which they are forcing themselves to eat more than they need. My point is, that looking at when this guy in the video looked a little bloated and bigger in the past was because his calorie intake was obviously higher than it needed to be. (I'm sure he wasn't eating 15,000 calories a day though lol). This is not necessarily due to abusing anabolic steroids or even taking them at all. Most of the people that have commented have 0 knowledge of steroids and are categorizing this guy with professional bodybuilders who literally abuse steroids. Who am I to know anything? My dad is an Olympic medalist in weightlifting not a pro bodybuilder that has won a mr Olympia. So pretty much my opinion means shit. By the way my name is not Joe Smith. You will never know who I really am, because why would i expose my real name on YouTube?haha. ✌️

  9. I'm new to weight lifting and care a lot about what i eat (I prefer to have a whole plant based diet). my question has to do with how to calculate the amount of calories to maintain you body. thanks for the vids they are pretty helpful

  10. That's why intermittent fasting can be such a powerful tool. It can be very hard to exceed a lean bulk count in a 4hr eating window. Yet it also allows for satisfying eating and more dietary freedom. Unlike the BS 5-6 meal a day plan.

  11. I have been doing the same thing you wrote on the whiteboard, just blowing off the days i overate somehow figuring they would disappear with my memory of them (which usually lasts less than a few hours). I started back weight training but was eating more out of "reward."
    Really, really need to keep track and suck up to the numbers. Thanks for the motivation.
    By the way, I'd love to buy the protein, but they don't ship to Japan. Any advice? I found it on amazon.co.uk, but I figure your discount doesn't work there, no?


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