In this cooking video I show you how to make one of my favorite mass gaining meals. You will need Taco shells, cheese, sour cream, ground beef 95% 5%, some kind of Taco seasoning ( i prefer flavor gods)

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  1. You forgot the Trader Joes salsa! This dish is versatile. For low carb I ditch the shell and add shredded lettuce and more cheese. For a bowl version I ditch shell and use white Spanish rice. Great meals none the less. Thanks!

  2. My Hispanic wife makes tacos and homemade salsa from scratch. I eat at least 8 lol. Better than any restaurant. She makes the hard shells herself…fries the white corn toriallas in coconut oil giving it a great taste.

  3. Fry beef, garlic, onions and taco spices. Put it in a oven pan, cover it with 200gram ricotta cheese, 200gram Philadelphia cheese, 200gram creme fraiche and 300gram shredded cheese!.. the ketones from that will mind f*ck you til sleep

  4. kool but you could do a bit of turkey and add a 1/4 of beef … then you have protien and your creatine also .. and oh more veg on it lettice, onion, maybe tomates LOL .. thanks for the vid … โ€ 

  5. Hi John, not sure its my height but i find the stance on one arm barbell rows really awkward. i found stepping over the bar with the inside leg allows me to pull with my elbow really close to my back. Is that detrimental?

  6. I'm 55 y/o male and I had to stop training heavy due to elbow and wrist pain. I saw one of your videos you included a collagen supplement. I just started putting gelatin in my shake and was wondering if you've ever used it or what your thoughts were on it? Thanks for the great videos. You present the information really well.


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