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Primary target muscle: Chest
Secondary muscles: Shoulders
Exercise type: Isolation
Equipment used: Cable pulley machine


  1. What i mean by my comment is that the reason this guy's chest looks huge is because the muscles surrounding his pecs are proportional and relatively small in comparison…whereas Coleman is just plain huge

  2. @sndd0138 This is one way to perform the chest cable fly.

    This particular method is a bodybuilding technique espoused by Arnold – essentially the movement is supposed to mimic "hugging a barrel" as he puts it.

    This will target the upper outer chest and shoulder area.

  3. hey guys, im in the process of losing weight right now and making big progress,just lost 26lbs so far,over the years i never exercisedand ate nothing but junk foods and kinda developed manboobs,its very embarrasing -this exercise should help attack and burn the fat off my chest area right?im not trying to get buff,i just want to lose weight and be thin you know,so i can take my shirt off in public

  4. @mikertones there is no such thing as losing weight in a certain area. You can lift weights for strength but you don't need to lift very heavy if you don't want muscle gain. However, if you're just trying to lose weight… just run/walk/bike.

  5. @ChicoSuave86

    They probably would have frowned upon it had they noticed… it was filmed at a 24 hour club and if I remember correctly I was the only one there at approx midnight…

  6. Looks like you have to much weight. Your moving more of your back. Try to lower the weight and focus on just moving your arms to bring it in. Also your to high up, bring the levels down.

    Good video.

  7. Lol most of you people hating on dude are probably so skinny fat and beta. Talking about his form. Lol how the fuck would you know about that? Your the one watching his video

  8. Thanks for your concern Mr. Slippery Pete.

    Admittedly the form is pretty poor as displayed in this video. Didn't know better at the time. These days I've effectively moved away from flys altogether, much bigger fan of pushup variations and dumbbell bench variations.

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