Due to the current situation, many of you guys need to think about alternatives for the gym. Since not every one of you has bars and weights at home, I want to show you how you easily can replace the main exercises with just a set of resistance bands and a stick. What’s your favorite exercise from the video? I honestly fell in love with the bench variation, the pump is amazing!

If you need quality resistance bands get them here:

The full program can soon be found here:


  1. I’ve been using bands for a couple of years.The squats are the ones that don’t quite work. As you lower to squat position the bands are almost loose and the most effective range for resistance is when the bands are always stretched, even at their lowest point. You never really hit a good level of resistance and feel muscle contraction. The partial solution is to stand on the band with booth feet, grab the band in both hands and stretch the band above your head. When fully raised your standing on the band and your hands are pushing up against the band. This gives better resistance for a squat but you can’t use too stiff a band as you can’t stretch the band up over your head. This also means you are never really driving hard with the legs.

  2. Thank you for the video. Very helpful. Was wondering if you know how to guage the band exercises with the bar ones? I mean, 100kg bench usually means two bands or something like that. Just to guage progress. Will try it out.

  3. Hi thank you for the amazing video

    Just for specifics and because I want to mimic your equipment. Do you mind measuring the length of your black resistance band bar and then sharing that how long that bar is?? I like it a lot and I wanna try something like that

  4. I had planned on just holding the bands with my hands but this stick idea is pretty great.
    I'm a massive fan of working with what you have.
    I was going to buy dumbbells but they take up so much room and are expensive. Bands are cheap.
    I have a bar that I kept from a futon I threw out years ago which I will use for this (I do inverted rows on the bar so I know it's strong enough).
    I hit the subscribe button.


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