Arnold Classic Australia 2015: What do people think about Arnold’s ‘call out the judges’ comments?

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  1. That last dude pissed me off for some reason… What was he talking about for that whole however long he was talking about… Evolution??? What did bodybuilding evolve into??? Its still bodybuilding and you have to actually have a good body or at least that what it should be

  2. Today's bodybuilders looks more like Hulk. Arnold is right for one thing, old school bodybuilders' bodies looks better. Today's bodybuilders only freak me out. Their bodies are strong for sure, but not good looking.

  3. The dude in the evogen shirt continually contradicted himself and made NO good argument for fat guys being on stage. Yeah douche, we KNOW it has "evolved". It has evolved into SHIT! That's Arnold's point! Guys now don't work any harder than Arnold did. They don't HAVE TO, they have horse roids to gobble down and shoot up!

  4. Body building evolved for the worst. The body builders of the past look way better than the freak show shit you see today. These guys look horrible. The last guy was but hurt Arnold physique looks better than anything in bodybuilding today.

  5. omg, the guy compared a human body with a speed car in the name of ''evolution'', I mean, ouch! How can we get lost at this point?In the 1st place bodybuilding was about ''art'', if some people want to have different rules in a competition, they should create their own parameter & regulation in order to attract people. Anyone can push anything to its very limit, doesn't mean other will pay to see it and when someone do what he likes, then nothing else matter.

  6. Bodybuilding evolved… just like fe hip hop, to THE WORST!! Todays crapy face tattooed kids going "guci gang guci gang", with dead brain from using pills, but earning a lot of money because bored lazy teenagers thinks it is cool.
    Same with body building, they just wanna sell more and more supplements, gear etc.. co they like biiiiiig guys. Companies sponsoring those events wont get money from guys training extra hard and putting something more in in, they wanna juice them up 😀

  7. That last comment was ridiculous he spent 5 min basically not agreeing or disagreeing with arnold when this years olympia is solid proof the bubble gut will not be tolerated so arnold was right

  8. Hany Rambod is a current PT making a living. He arguably has that salesman like appeal in an industry were body dysmorphia is so prevelant. My point being: he is going to say that things are great now. And no-one is saying Arnold would win now any more than people are saying Dorian didn't look good. How many of his clients are bloated belly hippos? Perhaps I'm being too cynical, I dunno.

  9. The very evolution the guy speaks about for 3 minutes is what is wrong with the sport. The guy talks about race cars and how it has evolved. The cars got faster, agreed. But they also improved other aspects like handling, safety and aerodynamics with it. Here, its just pure bulk now. WOULD RATHER LOOK LIKE FRANK ZANE THAN ANY OF THE ONES COMPETING TODAY.

  10. Dumbass at the end suggesting body building has evolved is an idiot. The only thing that has changed are the fucking judges. Resulting in disgusting looking dudes that can barely walk up a staircase without being out of breath and that die at an earlier age due to heart problems from steroid use because of these judges insane standards and twisted views of what body building is all about. Pretty sure we should all listen to the dude who is 70+ and looks better than 90% of men today; I’d say he did an excellent job at building his body. Chances are this guy IS a judge.

  11. Who the fuck is this idiot rabbiting on at the end? Take a fucking breath and shut the fuck up. About objective. A fit hanging out around loads of muscle is not subjective! And bad car has fuck all on formula 1 you twat!

  12. There's a reason people are clamoring for classic physique. Like Arnold said, "whose physique would I rather have?" If you watch a bodybuilding competition and wouldn't want anyone's physique, there's a problem.

  13. Arnold had decent aerobic conditioning due to his dayjob and accidental bike rides I hear… and it balanced him out, the guys nowadays just seem to be obsessed with bulging everywhere, its impressive but its robotic, lacks soul… not a good look to me.


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