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Jon Call
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Guys, I’m terrible at weightlifting. But sometimes, a bodybuilder tries to do olympic lifts. I’m pretty good at front squat, I’m okay at clean, but my snatch man. . How did I do?

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  1. You are completely missing the part where the bar comes in contact with your upper thighs!!! don't speed up your 3rd pull bc you have to be patient enough to have that "triple extension". Also your elbows should only bend that much if you hip clean. Snatch doesn't look too bad but same issues with clean (make contact with bar). It's been 4 years since I started Weightlifting and it's just now looking pretty good. Stick with it man!

  2. Using arms too early and not using the power position/hip drive to move the bar. After bar moves to above knee draw it to the hips and then explode and pull under the bar

  3. Now i don't know about you but cleans and snatches are just fun and awesome movements for me. It's just more badass imo to lift heavy shit above your head than always doing deadlifts and benching.
    So if you have Clarence coming over anyways AND it doesn't fuck up your knees anymore you should let him have a look at your technique and see how it goes for you.

    I have to admit that i admire you for your versatility. Big dude who yet can do tricking, martial arts, powerlifting and weightlifting and much more. I envy your mobility tbh… 😀

  4. Has any commented on that he is doing all of this with no hip contact…..NO DAMN HIP CONTACT, that's insane.
    Jujimufu I think once you get the hang of the timing down I think you will be just fine, just gotta bring your hips through the midline of your body to get the hang of contact.

  5. You need to get a better lower back position. Almost hipper lumber extension. Because you have a straight back like all good gymnasts do you are pulling with only your legs and not your back hence your bad knees.

  6. Hey man I used to work out a lot in high school, starting to get back into the grove after a few years and it's awesome to see your videos, just motivates me and I'm sure tons of other people be more healthy and care more for their bodies

  7. If u want any advice you are breaking your arms too early, try keeping your triceps flexed until you have full extension and are ready to drop. In my opinion The reason your knees hurt is you have a great drop but you must le the weight up and drop under it. Try to get full extension then drop and let the bar do the work. A great person to watch and learn from is Matt Fraser

  8. From quick assessment I say, full extension on quads and spread your feet wider when you land after the 2pull. Also faster with elbows rotation to control the bar better. I am sure Clarence will fix your form easy -peasy. Good luck.

  9. Some people are just not made for olympic weightlifting… I tried this pathway and destroyed one of my knees. If I could go back in time, I would not do it again. Would stay in my running and crossfit trainnings.
    Jujimufu has a fantastic agility and mobility for a bodybuilder… I would preserve it.

  10. man ,, your garage gym is awesome the whole area you live in is awesome ,, i just wanna know where do you live ??
    please answer it may become one of my dream places to live in 😀 😀

  11. I saw a video from Ma Strength, they have their students spend days and days just to get the right form, I never realize how hard it is until I tried once in gym. But you are getting so close, great job sir!

  12. I suspect your knees hurt because of your feet position during the clean. Small degree of adjustment can make a big difference. For the snatch I would do an ankle mobility test to make sure that is not part of what makes it difficult.

  13. Wear knee sleeves, big man. I have a degenerative meniscus in my left knee, and I have some knee pain when I clean or snatch because of how quickly you go into the bottom position in an olympic lift, and wearing knee sleeves helps tremendously.

  14. Imagine that your arms are chains. bending your arms dissipate the obvious power that you possess. Watch a couple of videos and compare them with your "technique". Full marks for effort, you aren't that far away.

  15. I am utilising Olympic lifts for the speed they create. But I don't care about the weight I am using or how low I catch the bar, I just focus on exploding out of my legs and yes, it is pretty strenous on the knees (especially my left one, it has been damaged by skateboarding long time ago). But Juji, you shouldn't upright-row the weight to your shoulders, you should pull with your back and legs 😀

  16. I love this video so much. Just shows the raw frustration and struggle it takes to work on one's own weaknesses. It's awesome! Hopefully this will stick with me in my own training.

  17. Hey bro I Like your videos. Also if you have a knee pain you must go

    physiotherapist and you must do rehab exercises especcially stability exercises, some streching maybe ice teraphy massages… I Hope you read my comment 🙂 ( sorry for bad English)

  18. I dont know what that last weight was but you certainly were capable if finishing it (are strong enough), you just have terrible form and couldnt drop underneat it.

  19. I suck at oly weightlifting but I have been messing around w it for years and I have the most fun w it… compared to the average gym rat I'm strong at them but nothing "competitive" or "impressive"

  20. I would say let your body flow with it you use a lot of your muscles and fall with the bar and wide the grip with ur cleans and let your body flow don't use a lot of ur muscles

  21. i keep my wrists more straight, i think you overdid it by bending your wrists over, just rest a while on your chest and than push it as fast as you can over your head, its more technical and moving fast than the quantity of weights lols :p

  22. Imagine that bar weighs 100lbs more than what you have. It's obvious you could go WAY heavier cause your catching the bar in a power clean almost. Another user mentioned your using your muscles too much. Goal is to catch that weight in as deep of a squat or as low as possible. Little hard to move a 500lb bar then 225 bar. Don't forget the shoulders. Utilize them along with your hips to move the bar. Ride that bar as close as possible to the body all the way through. Your right though it's all practicing and repeat. Cheers!

  23. Just some tips Juji. When you pull the weight past your knees its too far from your body. Keep the bar closer to your body after the knees until you reach the hip. Explode with your hips pull the bar up and think of the squat down as dropping your body below the bar. You are catching the weight then squating. When you get it once you’ll know what I’m talking about.

  24. Its like he is just pulling the weight to his shoulders then slowly getting underneath the bar and squatting in almost 2 separate motions. The weight unknown is one he could do pretty easy i bet if he had better form.

  25. So the thing I noticed is that you pulling the bar all the way to your shoulders then squatting. The way I was taught was to pull up hard then think of it more as dropping your body under the bar. And using your legs as a shock absorber to ease the weight to the bottom of the range of motion. Then going up again. Also love the videos they are a huge motivation for me!!


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