Can body builders fight? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

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script: “It’s interesting, and I know many of you experience this. When we go to the gym to train, there’s always this one bodybuilder who looks at you like the amount of iron you’re lifting is equivalent to the amount he had in his cereal that morning. He looks at you like he’s manlier than you, that some how, his bixorexia, fixation with being huge, thus larger muscles makes him better than you, giving this sense that he could dominate you… As tribal creatures, that instinctive sense to dominate probably would have in sense been expressed through fighting, and so in a way, they are probably commincating that they are the alpha because through their bigger muscles, their image, they feel they are better fighters than you… But is that true?

Is that dominant, alpha feeling they express justified? Well, the question you’d have to ask first is can a body builder fight period? Before we jump into striking, lets first see how they fair against jiu jitsu, then ask why it turned out the way it did.

Notice how the body builder shoots in for a takedown and tries to muscle his way through his opponent, but it doesn’t work, the martial artist uses the integrity of his bones to use leverage his opponent into a more favourable position. First note why the builder loses this exchange. It’s easy… bones are always stronger than muscle, and if you can use technique to use your bones instead as the jiu jitsu practitioner did, you’ll probably win the exchange. The moment he lands on his back, he doesn’t even realize what just happened, and he tries to muscle his way back up, but easily through the guilotine choke, the martial artist leverages his opponent back to the mat. The first reason why high muscular strength will lose to a trained and educated martial artist is simply because bones are stronger than muscle it alone will probably not beat solid technique.

Here, we can highlight the fact muscles eventually fatigue, and when the muscle is tired from the persistent force applied through leverage, it might aswell not exist. There goes the arm.

with all of that established, it’s easy to see why the black belt here easily destroyed a bodybuilder who didn’t really have any techniques to properly hurt his opponent. thus Technique and leverage will typically outclass sheer muscular strength on its own, whilst the person who never trained their muscles to hurt will have no real tools to fight back.

It’s clear, when it comes to grappling, the person who did not train to grapple will lose in grappling the same way the person who did not train to lift heavy weights will lose in lifting heavy weights… They are different discpliens and when a meat head implies it’s somehow the same through their ego, these instances have proved its delusional.

But what about striking? This body builder, KV proclaims being a golden gloves champ and a muay thai champ at age 15, and now it appears he’s retained all this mass. It’s fair to say this man does have power, if he hits you, it will hurt, but his strikes look forced, they are very telephgraphed, and near the end he looks fatigued. Overall, this doesn’t look very practical, and if we were to put such a man against a fighter in the UFC, he’s 230 lbs which at 5,8 puts him in the heavyweight class, I don’t see his stiffness and telegraphed nature being effective vs any of them. The black beast, who’s of the same weightclass probably for once might not break a sweat during his match…”


  1. bullshit alexander houston is an mma fighter yet hes 6 feet tall and 200 lbs
    basically if ur a natty lifter u can still fight
    the only way to get above that weight is either get fat or take roids
    and most dudes on the street that think they can fight cuz they do mma or some shit are 130 5'8 u just need like 10-20 lbs on these dudes to beat them up this myth was made up by skinny dudes (coming from an ex skinny dude) and remeber 99% of the people u fight dont do shit
    also how much do u acc fight irl the real fight is online where everyone is 7 ft tall 500 lbs 3% bodyfat and natty
    -steven bulking the broffessor

  2. Way I see it, if you're strong enough jiu jitsu doesn't matter.
    Body builders would have the greatest chance against jiu jitsu guys.
    How are you gonna choke out a guy that's got a neck so big you can't get your arms around it?
    Or arms and legs so strong you can't break them?
    Or strong enough to stand back up when you're on top of him?
    You'd have to knock him out…

  3. I've thought about this for a second now. You're wrong.
    Technique does not beat muscles. You're not being fair in your assessment.
    Connor McGregor has alot of technique, does he not?
    Would he beat the mountain? He's got a lot of muscles…

  4. With the proper substances everyone can build muscles! So, in a way you can look at
    the bodybuilders as a creation of the scientists who invented these substances, not as
    an achievement of the bodybuilders themselves.

  5. fyi: A lot of people allege that first video is a fake. Apparently the guy in the red shirt is a friend of Piet Wilhelm. Also GSP has said in interviews he weight trains to build muscle because it makes him more "marketable" not necessarily for functional benefits

  6. The same goes for fighters, just because you can knock someone out, don't walk around like you're hot shit. That just shows that you have to use your physical abilities to solve your problems, rather than logical thinking and reason.

  7. I did a bit of everything and i think the best is find balance between everything, train body,mind,practice martial arts, do meditation and be healthy….find the true about everything by yourself to understand beyond the illusions….

  8. Bodybuilding is a hindrance in fighting look at Boxers, MMA Fighters, Jiu Jitsu etc they are almost never built with crazy muscles they’re defined but not crazy muscular

  9. Body building and weights are 2 different things..a Power lifter that has had amateur fights is formidable.
    Tyson was mesomorphic and explosive and there are weight divisions for a reason.
    Juiced or not Overeem at cruiser would never have beaten a true heavyweight…staying at cruiser.
    Same with Couture if he went up to 230 pure athletic plyometric fast twitch weights…he'd probably have had a better chance against Lesnar

  10. It doesn't matter if your big or not for fighting, you need speed and if the other person just has power, they would lose Because you can punch them like three times but they can only do one and if you know how to fight correctly the fight would be over in like 6 seconds

  11. personally i do judo and i'm especially skilled at ground work. if as a 73kg guy i manage to hold my ground against a muscular 110kg guy (who's a black belt but focus on standing fight) with only 2 years of practice, i can bet much better fighter fighters with a similar weight, but more strength, can do really well against bigger and stronger opponent with nearly zero skills.

  12. Question for a woke out for Martial Art training 10 reps on the lowest weight settings on the fixed weight machines then increase the weight, repeat until on the highest weight and keep going until it's impossible to push that hard then lower it and keep going until the muscle gives out again, repeat until on the lowest weight setting and then stretch it out, then calisthenics then swimming, then stretch, I'm thinking that the weight and calisthenics will add strength, speed for striking and grappling, and the stretching and stamina exercises like swimming will give me high stamina and flowing movement making me lean and not bulking up that would slow me down, drain my stamina and telegraph my attacks.

  13. What a sad video, some arguments about the reasons people become bodybuilders can be used on fighters as well. Plus bodybuilding is a sport, it’s about who can be bigger, more symmetrical and shredded all at once, the poster clearly holds nothing or in the VERY least a lay man’s knowledge of bodybuilding whose training techniques can actually help fighters and athletes in general. You lost a subscriber

  14. Theres this kid in my grade, and the amount of force he can release in a kick is insane, our class was tasked with taking apart a building and he literally took down a wall by kicking it with a ton on momentum

  15. Yo mindsmash u give bodybuilderd too much credit. Im 36 and in my younger days my first fight was against a muscled dude. I was so scare. Only to find out i was stronger then him. I mean in wrestling they might serve purpose. But boxing or muay thai a bodybuilder aint jack shiz. Even wrestling if they body build to much they aint flexible. This sport is one big fallacy.

  16. Lmfao dont mind my gym profile pic, but mma>gym anyday. Learn how to defend yourself or learn how to look like you can? I started doing muay thai and bjj and I wrestled throughout high school. If it wasn't for my wrestling background man I wouldve walked in and got my arse kicked! Anyways size does not matter, I weigh 160-170 and have ran circles around guys 230+..
    Look up why they call boxing the sweet science, speed+mass = force of the punch, obv a smaller guy has way more speed but less mass and sometimes since they move that much faster, the punch comes out a lot stronger.
    Tldr: mma>gym size doesnt matter

  17. They can take a shit ton of damage and deliver even more, but they're too slow, and run out of oxygen very slowly. Size matters but people who use too much steroids and get ripped to the point of the gorilla physique. The Greek god physique and brute Viking physique are the best.

    PS: jujitsu is bullshit, in every video I see about these pathetic Asian hand to hand combat craps, all the supposed brute opponents are either smaller or about the same size. That delusional Asian crap is made to boost their confidence and the confidence of people who are small skinny and short. In reality that kungfu/karate/jujitsu crap won't help agents an opponent who's is heavier more athletic and a foot larger than you, he'll immediately go berserk and slam you around.

  18. I guess I'm the one person who's not gonna pretend to expert? I would guess a martial artist that learns to fight would fight better but could a huge guy win with just one good punch that connects? Idk? Anybody have any input? Thanks for your time.

  19. why

    Why in UFC have weight classes

    Brother weight matter a lot okay 90% it is matter only 10% not if light weight person is like bruce lee
    but for him it's hard to fight with heavyweight
    Do you have any insecurity
    Brother do you ever pushed by a heavyweight
    Even a single push by heavyweight
    enough to kill or be hospitalised
    or if you right and you theory is absolutely right thn
    UFC need you theory
    Khabib Vs brock l'esnar
    Clain valasques vs Nick diaz
    Mark hunt vs Nate diaz
    i think it will give Dana more and more money
    At the end weight matters a lot

  20. Hello minds mash amazing channel i am a lifter and tbh always wanted to join martial arts i didn’t do them since i was a kid for now im lifting i do agree with you on that mentality some roid heads have about being alpha and stuff but not all lifting is bodybuilding in the sense of show muscles some lifting actually helps ie olympic lifts those guys are amazing imagine how powerful a 50 kg guy must be if he can lift 180+ kg from the ground to overhead in fractions of a second i do think bodybuilding is stupid but some lifting is really art to me

  21. Useless?!
    Go do some bb hard-core hypertrophy training with a bodybuilder a swimmer a fighter a runner and whatever type of athlete you think, and we will se who will do it better.
    Nothing is useless , everything has a purpose , every discipline is the hardest in his way , so useless is a very disrespectful word.

  22. Okay so here’s why Most of the time, you see BodyBuilders lose fights almost all the time. Force=mv^2 now do you see how mass is a multiplier, but speed is multiplied, being squared. That’s where you’re doomed. If you aren’t ‘too big for your own good’, then you’re fine, but there is a strong, pun intended, line between strong, and power. You will only be able to push out as much as you can lift. Such as Bruce Lee, that man was fast af. Not only his technique, but his fitness muscles, of course, but they did not serve such a societal purpose. The gym is useful, but it’s not about how much you can lift, but how much you put out, at least in a fight.

  23. I was in Tae Kwon Do with a guy with big muscles and his punches were so slow. I was a teen at the time and was confident I could kick his ass despite his big muscles…. Not that I had a reason to. He was a nice guy.

  24. Oh, it gets better, "New research has shown that while bodybuilders' muscles may look big, after a certain point, the strength of a muscle doesn't increase with size.
    A study found that although the muscles' individual fibres were larger, they produced a lower force, suggesting they were of poorer quality. 
    Writing for the Conversation,  Dr Lee Hamilton and Dr Angus Hunter, who lecture in exercise science and physiology at the University of Stirling, explain why bodybuilders may be the 'paper tigers' of the weightlifting world…"

  25. Hey MR BODYBUILDERS in a Street Fight no rules I can Kick U faster In ur Nuts than u can Even think I can punch Fater to ur Neck = Game Over There no rule in a Street Fighter = BODYBUILDER in a Steet Fight KO. In a Proper Rule Fight I Might get Destroyed but Street haha Think again.


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