Bionics is moving from sci-fi fantasy to the commercial market. In BODY BUILDERS we reveal the groundbreaking technology driving the new bionic industry.

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Future Works features the people doing tomorrow’s jobs today. The series examines the impact of new technology in creating new jobs—and transforming existing ones. It looks beyond the gadgets to reveal what it’s like to work in the emerging industries of the future.

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  1. fantastic, i have also an prosthetic leg, i am 30 yeats old, how its possible to be an testing user for your company? i am from slovakia, here is a bit dificult with good prosthetic limps. thanks for answer:) Hawe a nice day.

  2. If we can map how touch works, we can have bionics that are like real legs, hands, maybe even organs.
    Because what use is a bionic heart that cant tell u that its getting weak blood flow and convincing the user to go check it out.
    Its like having an error on your computer but it still works…if you felt something you would fix the error

  3. This is amazing, I'm 23 with a total knee replacement. I know I'm not an amputee, but this still amazes me, I've been threatened with fusions/ amputation but seeing this stuff blows my mind that I might one day be "cyborg" haha. Amazing amazing amazing, I was laughing/ grinning in amazement this whole movie


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