Building your dream body is about more than what you do in the gym. It’s about what you do in your mind—how you visualize your success and envision your legacy. Arnold Schwarzenegger pictured himself as a champion bodybuilder, and he built a blueprint to become just that. Whether you want to shred for a competition or lose weight for life, Arnold’s Blueprint to Cut will help you succeed.


  1. Visualize and feel the muscle! Haha so true .. I went years just going through the motions and when I finally started to focus on the muscle I was training that's when I really started to see results

  2. come on Arnold… you can't talk about doing that many sets and that much training, especially while cutting, without talking about roids… pretty sure those were essential in order to recover from that kind of training

  3. I dont think many could hang with these dudes in the gym consistently..maybe a couple sessions here or there, 3 months later and those muscles would be beyond shocked!

    When Arnold is being interviewed in the suit is the gym equipment around him the gear from Gold's Gym from back in the day?

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    Honestly, this is the best advice given not only about fitness, but about life in general if you have goals. Everyone should hear this AT LEAST once in their life. It really put things in perspective for me, personally.

  5. Arnold you have opened my eyes. Thank you. I was thinking exectly the same way to that what im doing. Fighting. Every single day. Im 24yro working 10 h a day then gym 2h then take care for my family which is my dog and when im going to the bed i feel like i won. I won with the day. I know that i gave from my self that 100% of me. Now i have to go sleep and rest to fight again tommorow. All the best for you Arnold !!! I wish you 100 years and 1 more day !!! Poland !

  6. At his age and with his past he still talks so passionate about bodybuilding.. its just inspiring. you can really tell he loves everything about it even now!
    Arnold you are a LEGEND! Everybody hould take you as an ispiration!

  7. Steroids or not, everything he is saying is true. Have a vision, work hard and eat right. Get excited about working out. Transform yourself physically and mentally into a better you.

  8. Arnold, what a great,great man, so likeable and funny but training hard in morning, then again in evening ? great for heart attack, strokes, so crazy, Arnold is Arnold, so very capable , but most people simply cant do anything like that, certainly over 40? poor health ? undisclosed health issue's, sorry Arnold i love you but come on sir.

    having said all that arnold was an amazing bodybuilder, best wishes.

  9. If you listen to what he’s saying- how they trained contradicts a lot of what the traditional bodybuilding workouts advise on now adays. When I changed my workout to supersetting and volume training my life changed. One day I do upper body one day I do lower then rest and repeat. My body’s looked better than ever

  10. If I had the money, I would give Arnold lots and lots Mercedes dealerships to run, just for fun. Imagine the commercials. It'd be like Billy Fuccillo at whole other level. BENNNZ. 🙂

  11. What a legend and what a tenacious attitude towards success and bettering himself at everything he does.
    All I see in the gym is useless assholes on their phones taking up precious space and getting in my way. Fuckwits.


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