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‘Aim to do something everyday that pushes you forward.’


  1. The quality of Simeon's videos is just insaneeee … From the videography, the angles, the edits, the transitions and the music is in sync with the exercises being performed

    It's a breath of fresh air watching Panda squat too! I have been squatting ass to grass for the last two years, and it's the best change I have made to my training.

  2. the body weight moves after solid heavy compound feel like your literally ripping all the leg muscle. alot of people dont bother with this when this can make alot of difference

  3. I get what u mean for squats taking out the supports. Mine doesnt have a whole box set up to secure me so I unrack and step out from the whole rack so it's just free space

  4. Really follow simeon panda always good advice can you please do a video on the belt all the videos now have good information but I'm sure you can offer more and new updated information thanks

  5. can still remember he has one of the shittiest squats i've seen on youtube to become one of the solid squatters out there! big props to you simeon for setting aside your ego and relearn how to squat properly. great job brotha!

  6. Simeon!!! You need to either collab or even just reach out to Uzoma Obilor and explain the importance of squat shoes and maybe share some squat technique queues. Young buck coming up but can’t get down on the squat. Given that you have had pretty much the greatest squat overhaul in the history of YouTube and are sitting at 1.4 million subs I figure the kid would listen to you if you told him some of the things you’ve learned about squatting during your career. More than anything that mofo needs a pair of squat shoes!!!


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