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If your looking to build muscle you can’t beat this homemade protein bar recipe.

Who else wants to know how to make the worlds best tasting protein bars? In this video, I reveal how to make the healthiest and best tasting muscle building fat burning protein bar you can sink your teeth into. Bodybuilding food doesn’t have to taste bland and boring.

95% of store-bought protein bars are basically candy bars with protein. This homemade protein bar recipe is fairly quick to make, is high in protein, has slow burning carbs, taste fantastic, and is a fraction of the price of a commercial bar.

Near the end of the video there is a complete shopping list, with all the measurements. Go to 9:22 if you want the list of ingredients.

A homemade protein bar is a, tasty, healthy and maybe more important an inexpensive protein source that is easy to take with you for a quick post workout snack.

These protein bars are so simple to make and are by far the most delicious protein bar I have ever made. I used vanilla flavored whey protein, but you could experiment and use chocolate, or a cookies and cream, if you prefer.

This is a rough estimate of the nutritional breakdown. The batch as per instructions will make 10 bars depending on how you cut them. Making 10 will be a little on the small side but it will only be about 250 calories a bar. Making your protein bars a little large works better for me so 8 is a good number.

Homemade Protein Bar Nutrition Information
Calories – 315
Fat – 13g, 2g are saturated
Sodium – 80mg
Carbs – 35g, of which 5 are from dietary fiber
Protein – 17g

This is a great post workout snack. Good carbs, some protein and all natural. Nothing artificial.

To reduce the fat and calories you can use reduced fat natural peanut butter, but that will be kind of dry so you may need to add a little more applesauce.

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  1. @Babyjoker966 Do you have any other nut butters? You can always use one of those varieties.

    If getting the natural stuff is the problem you can use regular peanut butter, just not as healthy.

  2. I use whole apples. My blender can make them as smooth as apple sauce. I only used apple sauce in the video because most people don't have the ability to blend fresh apples.

    So go ahead and use your homemade apple sauce, or cooked apples.

  3. Man, thanks for your reply! 🙂 I'm happy cos' I've just made my second lot last night, and I have to thank you so much, cos they taste absolutely fantastic!!! Like I bought them from a bakers or something! I tried making these from another recipe on another channel, but was pretty average tasting. This one is top notch! I ran out of Choc Whey this time, so made last nights with Vanilla. I'll taste it later after lunch. I wonder if white chocolate would maybe go better with Vanilla Whey…Hmmm..

  4. You can use any flavour you like. But in the recipe I used vanilla. I have a client that s a chocolate lover. So thats what he uses.

    I have used cookies and cream with great success. But in the end play with it and use what you like most.


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