Gained a pound since my last PR in Sept 2014. Slept well last night and ate well today. Good day at work translates into a good day at the gym. Life is good. God is great.
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Weighed 154 today.

28lb baby x 4
35lb baby x 5
135×20 (2 sets)
330×5 paused
370×1 paused
395×1 paused (new paused PR)
405×1 touch n go
410×1 touch n go (new “gym” PR)
365×2 paused (new rep PR, 3 sets)
330×4 paused


  1. Whats with all the asian hate? They r good ppl man. I wish we could replace 13% of ppl with them. No excuses, succeed even more than white ppl, humble and intelligent…but we dont need any of that we need more sizzurp and bitches and hoes.

  2. Guys this is his workout plan from his website:
    Monday: Chest
    Tuesday: Chest
    Wednesday: Legs……

    SIKE chest
    Thursday : Chest
    Friday: Tsehc
    Saturday : Rest…. his legs so CHEST
    Sunday :

    c h e s t

  3. Either using some form of PEDs or has used PEDs in the past. 410lbs at 150 lbs body weight is damn close to 3x bodyweight for 1RM placing around 100lbs over an elite level lift for his class. Its impressive for sure, but not nearly possible to be done natural

  4. I got an asian friend from way back and he's on same size and beches same range as this dude…

    …one day, we got in to a fight in a party and this tall dude threw a punch straight to my freinds face but my friend did is catch that full swing punch with his bare palms like he's catching some pancakes! Lol

    Then my friend threw a punch right away on the dudes mouth and 5 teeth came off flying, another 2 punches in the face while my friend is still holding the dudes hand on his palm. This exchages happened in just about 10sec and the dudes face was wrecked and covered in blood in and all. everybody who saw it was shock and stunned and cant believe was this frailed lookin guy just did to this tall as dude!

    From then on, I said, I be beching as heavy as I can in case shit like this happened again. Lol

  5. Super impressive…I competed in bodybuilding contest and bench press meets from 1986-1990 and benched 410, body weight 180,but that was with a bench shirt. I had to stop and pause the weight but again, I used the bench shirt which helped a lot. I said all that,to say this, I've never seen anyone with that much natural strength.


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