15 Deadlifts (Fat Gripz), 50 kg
15 Dips + 20 kg
15 Pull ups
15 Push press, 50 kg
15 Leg-Hip raises
15 Kettlebell press, 24 KG
15 Dips + 20 KG
15 Deadlifts (Fat Gripz), 50 KG

Battle at Vortex Sport

Music by:
Bridge To Grace — Weapon
Cold Kingdom — The Break


  1. I´am sorry I can´t help it but this was really the worst display of form I´ve ever seen in a competition set up. the form of almost every rep in every exercise was bad. really painful to watch. please make sure that correct form is used when doing competition like these.

  2. Death lift was not made in proper form by calisthenic guy, also pull ups made by bodybuilder were better, even when he swings a bit he makes them up to his chest. I think these events are not that good since they don't observe the accuracy and the technique only time, which is not that important.

  3. Calisthenics for the win. I used to do bodybuilding but changed to calisthenics like 6 months ago, i had no idea i was so fucking stiff and bumbling when i first started and i wasnt even close to be able to touch my toes. Now i do stretching every morning and im able to touch my toes easily. All i wanted back then was to look big and thats it. I totally changed my mindset about that now, its not about looking big in clothes, its about looking big with clothes off. And still be able to be flexible and smooth, be able to run fast and have a normal lifestyle. + i can workout everywhere! Im never getting back to bodybuilding again..

  4. This is a terrible way to compare calisthenics and bodybuilding. First of all max is a beast at calisthenics, and the other guy was a horrible example of bodybuilding. They need to redo this and set up the course with different exercises and set it up in a better way and get a credible bodybuilder

  5. everyone in this comment section talking about the bodybuilder kipping in pull ups, but anyone talked about he doesn't even went all the way down, not even Locke the elbows in a single rep. Also, Max True deadlifts… hehe


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