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Start to finish DIY build of a barbell weight lifting platform designed for a bolt on power rack.


  1. Looks very nice. The price for buying a platform is ridiculous. Considering its just plywood and some rubber floor on the sides. However I probably wouldn't use stall mats I have read that they can release toxins etc

  2. Did you use two 4×6 horse mats, or one? I ask because the boards are 4×8, so I’m trying to see how this would fit. Thanks, I’m building the same platform this weekend!

  3. Hi there. I really like your planning and execution of your videos. I would love to know how your novice progression went! Maybe an update video of what the platform looks like now ?

  4. Great video. Thank you. One question. Noticed you used three layers of plywood. Do you think two layers would have been just as good? In other words, two layers down, and then birch on top. That along with the stall mats. Reason I ask is because i'm concerned about the height of my rack. By keeping to two layers of plywood the platform is limited to an inch and a half rather than 2 and a quarter inches. Interested in your thoughts.

  5. Just a tip edit your videos so that you take out all times when it's just silence between when you are giving info. It will make the video shorter and the viewer isnt waiting to get to the main points or info.

  6. Thank you so much for your video. I used it to set up my own platform. I just used horse stall mats for the top instead of adding a wood topper for the centerpiece. I think I will like the grip of the horse stall mats for bench press. I did have one question though, when you set up the power rack how much space did you leave between the rack and the wall behind it?


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