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  1. Хм, а она и правда балерина, танцует в Государственном театре (как-то так). Красивая.
    И ролик хороший, лайк.

  2. Ballet massage…with a VERY happy ending…yes, please. Would've wanted to see the chicks snatch, though. Clean snatch…damn..somebody stop me! I got's to chillax…I'm being a jerk…

  3. The problem with any extreme level of sport or dance, is that for a while you may be super fit/ strong but your body will suffer in the end. If we look at these two they are at the top of their game. pure athletes who have dedicated their lives to their goal. Everything they eat and do is fior their end goal both are extremely fit and strong but the difference in the physical ideal is down to their speciality. To lift you need the muscle mass, to dance you need the flexibility and complete control of your body. Both of these could run rings around me and probably 90% of us here. good on them…

  4. Aleksey would be a millionaire quick in the US. Good looks and a great entertainer with a sense of humor… plus massive street cred as an athlete.

  5. The first stretch, which was supposingly targeting the glutes, doesn‘t make any sense whatsoever. The gluteus Maximus runs from the posterior top of the os ilium to the lateral top of the femur shaft. So pushing the knee down only shortens the distance between the two points. It would make more sense to pull your knee to the contralateral side of the glute max you want to stretch, towards the shoulder.

  6. Что то барышня в растяжке слабо шурупает. За правильным подходом к растяжке нужно к мужчине идти. Бабы они от природы (пролактин) гнуться без проблем


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