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  1. Not even mentioning all the body builders like Arnold and ct fletcher who have had intense open heart surgy and some of the other guys that have had kidney implants and other stuff, open class is crazy stuff

  2. Guys like Derek Lungsford, Hunter, Patrick Moore, Regan, Keone, hell, even Brandon Curry, are the type of phsyique outside the Classic guys that Id rather see personally. Still larger than life but theyre at the very least aesthetic

  3. Right on cue Greg! And let's face it, it's, very hard to find any competitor these days in any sport who are totally free and healthy from some sort of edge giving PED's, not just steroids!…

  4. I enjoyed the freaking mass monsters in the past but as I get older it's pretty clear bodybuilding needs to move in another direction. It's not bodybuilding competition anymore its chemical warfare. I was rooting for Brandon but just keeping it real Hadi, Nick, and Hunter looked like the complete packages up there, Ramy missed his conditioning like always and Brandon was way improved but still needs more legs, but they just gave it to the biggest guy again, its quantity over quality. That's why Cbum is the biggest star in bodybuilding now even among casuals. I love bodybuilding but it's time to get back to bodybuilding not who can take the most drugs. I say give the classics guys ten more pounds to play with on the weight limits and it would be perfect.

  5. I agree that there should be another men’s division added, just look at the men’s physique competitors over the last decade and how the standards have massively changed from the beach bod to a full classic upper body with board shorts.

  6. Chris Bum is more popular and brings more money than any other BB. So it makes sense he would get paid more. And he's just one guy. With Instagram around classic is much easier to monetize than open. Athletes should get paid more for making more money.
    Just simple thoughts.

  7. I don’t know, classic is just kind of boring to me. All respect to the guys in classic I just think they need to up the weight limit, these guys could easily add another 10 pounds and stay shredded and keep their aesthetics. I find open bodybuilding to be where it’s at, I wanna see freaks. To me the guys in the 90’s were the peak. Have guys who are a mix of the golden era and today’s era, that to me is the perfect amount of mass.

  8. Even with a good topic I can’t watch Bc you yell so much. I really wish you’d chill out man. I miss watching your content. It’s like watch a nick avacado vid. So cringe.

  9. The reason we love Open Bodybuilding, is exactly because only 1% of elite bodybuilders, can get on that stage. It’s the freak factor! The more unattainable something is, the more precious it is. As much as I like Classic Physique, it will never be a replacement for Open Bodybuilding.

  10. Greg you are right on many different levels, Add another category yes but it would need to be natural physic, how about
    "The natural classic" Also getting some of the open guys to drop down to classic physic would be fantastic but unfortunately money talks Arnie may have to put his hand in his pocket and pay these guys to do this ? but it might be worth it in the long run, Arnie is the man after everything Arnie has done in movies and bodybuilding he hasn't lost his passion for bodybuilding, Arnie speaks people listen and he has the money

  11. Why not add real naturals at 10-12 percent BF and see who is biggest natural freak.I knew only one guy who was 220 with four pack dude looked really impressive.When i was 230 i looked liked fat shit compared to him.And no way he was on roids he was simply genetic freak.

  12. This is one of the best takes you've made Greg, literally. I think alot of people dismissed Arnold's comments recently because of his unrelated stance on the 'rona but this as Greg says is a pretty key stage of the changes occuring in Bodybuilding. Big Ramy might look awesome and huge, but at the end of the day he's like a Jeep Wagoneer up there just fitting in as much as he can on that frame – when people (the public) are more and more starting to appreciate something like a Corvette; still extremely muscular, loud but with proper design and beauty. Hardcore bodybuilding fans aren't the main target market anymore. People who buy protein, creatine, want to be noticed by women and improve their physique at a hobby-interest level are – the sponsors and the revenue comes from these people.

  13. Thank you so much! I absolutely could never had said it better. You were able to articulate verbally, that which I have tried to tell people for years, but I've always fallen short as to how to say it. You nailed it. Again, thank you for this truth.

  14. All that needs to be said is the winner of Classic at the Mr Olympia wins $30,000 while the winner of the Men’s Open wins $400,000! So how would you like to argue that Classic is what needs to take precedence

  15. Cbum would beat Cedric no contest cedric looks great in gym shots but put him near a top tier no competition I love Cedrics look but like alot of people they dont bring it cbum does everytime

  16. While i always respect arnold as a bodybuilder and actor let's not forget this is the same a$$h*** who told everyone to "Screw their freedom"……so i say "Screw arnold and all he has to say……
    While the classic physique is popular it wasn't as popular or exciting as the OPEN as we all knew chris bumstead is unbeatable for the time being while in the OPEN no one knew who was gonna win…..made the show so much more unpredictable…..

  17. There's always been so much hypocrisy in bodybuilding right from its inception. It has just continually gone down even further since the mid nineties to the point that it has reached with someone like Mamdouh Elssbiay winning the Mr. Olympia twice. I'll take one time winner Samir Bannout any day.

  18. well peter molnar downsized to classic ,won his pro card and a show, competed at the mrO yet he isn't as impressive! derek lansford literally downsizes to compete in 212 and loses his fullnes and detail…i wish dexter jackson and cedric competed in classic physique but i can't see it happening(each for different reasons)


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