Shake:1.5 Scoops Fuel Pump1 Scoop Demo DayWarm-Up:DB Curls with Rope Tricep Press downs. Get a sweat going and full those arms with blood! Feel the PUMP!Use 4×8-10 as your base, but don’t be afraid to add in more reps or more sets if you are feeling it! If you are fueled for this workout, PUSH YOURSELF!1. Preacher Curls superset with v-bar press downs- 4×8-102. Hammer Curls superset with Close-grip Bench- 4×8-103. Straight Bar Curls superset with Tricep Extensions- 4×8-104. Plate Loaded Preacher Curls superset with Plate Loaded Tricep Extensions (if you don’t have these, use preacher or tricep machine, or free weights!)- 4×8-10- FINISH STRONG!



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