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Weightlifting workout test with the Apple Watch. In this video, I test the accuracy of the optical heart rate sensor during strength training exercises.

Overall, it did hold up well during my test. The Apple Watch is definitely a better running tool than weightlifting tool, but with an external HRM you should be just fine. Unfortunately, you will be 100% tethered to that phone (unless you use the Apple Workout app). Since I’m pretty much always bringing my phone running with me, having a companion on my wrist to consult for distance, pace, heart rate, and duration is nice, but this won’t at all be the case with CrossFit.

So would I buy this thing? Well, I did, but the verdict is still out on the Apple Watch. I will be posting a full review as well as a review from a fitness perspective.

Will this be one of the best smartwatches? Yes, definitely. Will it be one of the best activity trackers? Possibly. I’m still thinking pure play devices do it better.

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  1. Thanks for the awesome video.  I am torn on the apple watch.  I love it as a smartwatch, but dont really like the very basic workout app as you have pointed out in your other videos.  even though I can connect it to my Wahoo Tickr or my Rhythm Plus HR monitor the analysis of the data is very basic.  As far as I can tell there is no way to even view a graph of your HR during your workout.  Please let me know if I am wrong.  Maybe apple will address this issue but as far as I know only the native apple workout app can use the built in optical heart rate monitor or connect to a bluetooth HR monitor.  I may just use the apple watch for my everyday smartwatch and activity tracker (plus my awesome Jawbone Up2) and stick with my mio alpha 2 for my martial arts workouts.  any thoughts??

  2. I'm starting to think that the optical HR on Apple Watch works well in open air . I've noticed some activities where the sweat  or humidity level is high, the HR numbers were like you showed. I'm at the point of going back to the HR strap and iphone combo

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  4. I'd still take the Fenix 3 over the Apple Watch, if for no other reason the fact that I don't have to charge it every day. There's also the point that you use your heart rate to determine how hard you're working out and if you need to increase your intensity. If the Apple watch is always off, you'll basically be blind the entire time. Apple watch paired with a Mio or Scosche would be an interesting combination.

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  6. A vivoactive with the rhythm+ is still cheaper though and you are not caught in the apple ecosystem.
    Would you mind doing a comparison video of the vivoactive & rhythm+ vs. Apple watch?

  7. Good detail of real world use of Apple Watch workout app and its use in a workout such as weight training.  I've been looking for something like this for the last few weeks to get more details of how the watch works, so thanks for doing and posting this.  It's disappointing to see that there are some issues with the Watch heart rate monitor when doing weight training.  I wonder if it is the same issue with cycling?

  8. Mine constantly loses my heart rate when I'm working out. especially when i work up a sweat no matter how tight i have it on. Compared to my MIO Fuse, I'm burning significantly less amount of calories during my workouts..

  9. I dnt kw I select other and modify duration and calories wrks fine for me. This Vedio is to old may that time had sum prob with apple watch but naw its cool. Wrking very accurate

  10. hi saw your comments about Apple Watch v Garmin device in your weight workout, interesting, as I use a Garmin edge 520 on my bike whilst training and also use an Apple Watch and the heart beats have never varied between the two devices more than 3 beats could it be because you have the Garmin on one wrist and the Apple Watch on the other is that an Apple Watch 2 or 1 series

  11. Thanks for this. I'm a weight lifter. Body building n crossfit type. I keep trying to convince myself I need to buy an Apple Watch because I'm in the Apple ecosystem. You using the Fénix 3 as the standard settles my wants. Good thing I'm a Garmin guy too.

  12. You can see at 2:27 in the video that you have the Apple Watch too high up your arm. It should be about half an inch closer to your wrist in order to record accurate heart rate readings. I know why you wore it this way as I am left-handed and wear an Apple Watch. Throughout the day I often accidentally press the Digital Crown button with the back of my hand which is annoying as it activates Siri. Unfortunately, it is the price left-handed Apple Watch users have to pay if they want accurate heart rate readings, as the Apple Watch was designed with the right-handed, majority population in mind.

  13. im like 3 years too late , but the Apple Watch was off on the heart rate cause you had it on your right hand lol.. the heart is located on the left side of the body.. keep the watch on the left hand and the reading will change, I've tried this many times


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