Anita Herbert is a professional bikini athlete and fitness model originally from Hungary.

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  1. Awesome body. Maybe the legs are a tad thin. I do wonder why so many repetition like exercises, where she could do more weight so to do it all in gar less time. And, no that does not make here body more bulky. That way you can sculpt your body faster. Then once you get each part perfect, the way you like, you can do just maintains. With not just less time per workout. But also far less workouts through the week. Like I said less busy time to get better results.

  2. All this working out that these girls and guys do is the wrong way to get in shape they think that they need to go to the gym 7 days a week and lift all those weights and do all that dieting to try and look good but once they stop workingout they start to lose that fitness body really fast and the real shape of there body's start to come out and it's the same with guys to the only real workout that they should be doing is cold training all you have to do with it is workout once a week for 1hour and eat whatever you want and if you do it the right way you will get the same body's as these bodybuilder guys have and same body shape as these fitness girls have if anyone is interested in cold training send us a text at 208-298-4428 we would love to hear from you.


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