Time has gone, he’s returns! Andrei Aramnau | Aryamnov (BLR, 105KG) – olympic champion in 2008, world record holder in snatch (200kg @ 105kg) returned to training. No more words are needed.
Subscribe to his youtube channel (he’s upload often nowadays): youtube.com/channel/UCopwiEzGid193hLUB0nAsDg and follow his ig: instagram.com/ariamnovandrei
This compilation (made for his request) includes such as things like 170kg snatch from blocks, 250kg back swuat, 200kg clean and jerk and so on. Watch it and enjoy!

Check out the channel for more oly lifting videos and subscribe if you like it. Stay tuned and see you at the next WNA’s video! Greetings from Hungary!

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Music source:
Metal covers by Sir Frost: Powerwolf – Armata Strigoi, Ensiferum – Battle song
Follow him for more music: youtube.com/user/SirFrost666/videos


  1. Que bueno volver a ver, a este gran halterofilo, ojala que haya vuelto a competir, supe que supero una gran lesión a la espalda claramente esta recuperado, un talento como el no se podía apagar, mucho éxito Andrei, un abrazo.

  2. if he want do a come back he will be avantaged to increase his bosyweight….with his age in +105 hes more easy !!! hes no to short for become a Super (5'9" like Behador Moulaei…like Shane Hamman …. like lot of other IN TRUE…not according to them…loooool..i will not mentioned names…..lol


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