Ukraine’s star Olympian Dmytro Chuma reveals his explosive power and immensely balanced leg, arm, and grip strength in weightlifting.

In a sports science lab, the physiques and unique body characteristics of Olympic athletes are analyzed to reveal what makes them so special:

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  1. 4:45 um ok… so 300lbs combined (left,right) is 150lbs each hand give or take…. im an average joe and i can fully close coc #2 (195lbs) with both hands…does that mean i have stronger grip than world class athlete or am i reading this wrong?

  2. в тяжёлой атлетике используется хват замком так что нагрузка не так велика как могла бы быть)

  3. bad video. no comparison for all these "brilliant" power outputs, they said they would compare him to 6 other world class athletes – where? no informations just useless tests saying that they prove he's "brilliant" and a world class lifter. oh wow you dont say…

  4. Grip strength is only used as a measure of full-body strength because there is a correlation between the two, which comes from the fact that nearly every muscle building exercise requires holding something heavy, I'm not sure if this really applies to world-class athletes. also, there's no way grip strength is THE limiting factor, if it was then Olympic lifts and powerlifting lift numbers would be similar

  5. 11:00 weightlifting is NOT about anaerobic power. Being a short and explosive movement the muscles DO have oxygen so the movement is AEROBIC. Anaerobic means without oxygen, something that occurs during longer exercise like rowing.


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