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  1. Use Kamut strong ground flour (good protein, good fiber). With this to get the ultimate anabolic pizza you make a "starter" (google bread starter), this adds great depth to your pizza base! Tricky to start off but once you got it, it lasts forever as long as you keep on top of it and keep adding to it. By using the starter, it forms the bacteria and flavor profile that will seriously enhance that pizza dough. Secondly, you want to let that dough rest for exactly 24 hours to get the perfect consistency, taste and healthy bacterial growth (make the dough the day before). Now if you are not willing to experiment with making a starter or unable to do so because of a super busy schedule, there is options to purchase them online but you can skip them if you really must (don't recommend). However, DO NOT SKIP the 24 hour rule for the pizza dough!!!! Trust me!! Well if you have damaged taste buds then it doesn't apply to you! The reason you do this is because you are following the rules of Italian pizza where you are using 4 ingredients; flour, water, salt, and yeast. This is why it is SUPER important to follow this method for incredible pizza. Of course if you want the non-healthy/anabolic version you can add sugar, butter, eggs, oilive oil, garlic powder, onion powder, literally whatever the hell you want because that is where your flavor profile is coming from so you can just wait for the rise that'll take 30min to 4 hours dependent on yeast. Or you could be a douche bag and add artificial sweeteners to your dough because your the "oh I have a sweet tooth" guy that doesn't appreciate good food for what it is lol HIGHLY recommend you try this James, get yourself a starter going and it will change your life FOREVER, I promise! You will literally never understand why takeout pizza even exists! P.S don't put the oregano in the dough, put it in the sauce 😉 add some dried basil to that sauce as well or perhaps fresh basil! Oh to add, use the highest heat in your oven possible, cuts down cooking time but also produces a must better crust where you aren't waiting half hour for your pizza to cook, and you also get a better rise and some color on the base!

  2. Love the channel and pretty much all of the other recipes, but is this not just a regular pizza recipe with normal cheese swapped out for low fat cheese?
    The cake recipes swapping out the flour for pumpkin and the ice cream for Halo Top are genius, but I don't know about this one.
    People calling this a game changer… you know it's just a regular pizza right?

  3. I love the content and recipes mate. I just made like 6 batches of various protein doughnuts and theyvare amazing. But I live in Canada, and cant find the fat free cheeses or lavish bread for the life of me. Any help?

  4. guys i recommend checking out adam regusea channel for his pizza recepie, he goes in depth on how to make an amazing crust at home. but taking it to the next level is not that much more work and it comes out looking like an artisan pizza.

  5. excuse me but if the whole pizza is like 860 calories and u clearly cut it into sixths than how the fuck does it turn out to be “around 100 calories per slice”

  6. Long time lurker. Thanks for all the great content. I'm finally weighing everything out and have my macros down to the T and what a huge difference. I'm eager to try this recipe

  7. I made this with low fat mozzarella instead of no fat and these were the macros for the whole pizza:

    944 calories
    126.7 carbs
    22g Fat
    57.2g of Protein

    Still like 1/4 of the calories from takeaway pizza!! It was so yummy, my husband and I split it and we're both full and satisfied!


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