1. AJ do you ever work out with people at your level of strength or above? No offense, your friends seem cool but I just can't help but wonder where you would be if you had someone to push you or keep up with you

  2. Well, I have worked with people beyond my level before, and I still do but not very often. I like working out with my friends because it teaches them something and it teaches me more about myself.

  3. Oo an idea if u need to get a lotta calories and your falling down hard. Italian restaurants. Find one that shows its calorie if u can. Almost everything on the menu is 1000-2000 calories its pretty rediculous.

  4. here's another tip people may say your form sucks but when you lift do like half reps. Don't go all the way down and don't come all the way up to keep constant tension on the muscles you're working on. Just something you should try out once and I promise you won't be able to lift as much throughout the day because if you do it right your muscles should be zapped.


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