Too much aerobic exercise may be destroying your body, but weightlifting can save it! World-renowned strength and conditioning educator, Charles Poliquin, reveals what he’s learned to tune the human body to its optimal working state using his decades of experience and knowledge training elite professional athletes and Olympians who have won hundreds of medals. Everything you think you know about exercise and its effects on the human body is wrong and Charles is here dispel those commonly believed myths that have been breaking down your body on the cellular level and making you susceptible to degenerative brain diseases later on life.

Enjoy the show!


0:00 – Butcher Box

1:35 – Cool fact of the day

2:45 – Desert Farms

4:00 – FATwater

5:00 – Welcome Charles Poliquin

6:40 – Maintaining muscle mass as you age

10:00 – Aerobic exercise

13:50 – Is Dave under-training?

15:00 – Peptides and SARMs

18:45 – Reversing muscle loss protocol

26:00 – Safety with drugs

28:00 – Incorporating peptides over testosterone

32:00 – How to eat

41:00 – Food intolerance tests

1:00:00 – Free book at


Butcher Box

Desert Farms


Strength Sensei

Muscle Logic Book



HB1AC (Glycated hemoglobin)

Cyrex Laboratories

Dr. Daniel Amen

Better than Before by Gretchen Rubin



The Bulletproof Diet

Brain Octane

SARMs: A Potential Way To Build More Muscle


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