A song written by Tom Carlock in 1984 and the arrangement created with his band Aces Up including Ben Tassiello, Tommy Ottina & Bob McDermott. The music video was produced, directed and edited by Tom Carlock. The song was recorded and mixed by Ben Tassiello at Angry Load Studio’s in New Jersey. The video came out when MTV was just starting to get hot and you notice the MTV type band name and song name pop up at the begginning and end.

The story in the song is about a skinny dude that meets a girl in a gym. She looks like a regular girl but he soon finds out that she is a female body builder. The key tag line in the song is “She’s gotta the body shaped like a woman but the muscles like a man”

Actors in the story were friends George DiMartino (Waiter & Gym participant) and our female body builder. Sorry I do not remember her name. I searched 4 gyms in norther NJ and found her in a gym in Cliffside Park. She did the video for free. If anyone knows her email me at whizzer@kingwhiz.com.



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