The purpose of this video is to not judge anyone but to help educate you as a natural lifter. There are certain things you need to keep in mind in terms of weight training and eating, ESPECILLY when compared to an “enhanced” athlete. So no judging, just education! My goal is to help you reach yours. #HTH #SHFAthlete #ProjectGains


The journey to accomplishing your goals already has enough trials and hardships without having to deal with the misinformation being taught online.

The purpose of this article is to help you understand that there is a clear difference between the steps you must take as a natural lifter to build muscle when compared to someone who is on drugs or steroids. This article is not meant to judge anyone, just educate you as my goal is to help you reach yours!

Be sure to pay close attention to each topic and if you have any questions, leave them as a comment below!

Now let’s get focused on helping you make those gains!

1. Eating Too Much
Natural lifters think that in the off-season, when you are supposed to be bulking, you need to eat all kinds of food including junk food to gain a lot of muscle! The more fat you pack on the better! But it doesn’t work like that Nation.

As a natural athlete, if your routine and meal plan are on point, in general, you can expect to gain around 20 – 25lbs of muscle in your first year. 12 – 15 your second year, 6 – 8 your third and around 4 pounds a year for each year after that. So if you’re eating too much thinking you will forcefeed your muscles to grow, sorry but all you are doing is gaining fat.

The right thing to do is to eat 250 – 500 calories above your maintenance calories each day to make sure you’re growing muscle and yes you will gain a little bit of fat too, but this way you’re growing lean and minimizing the damage. You can check out my video on this topic called “Are You Bulking Or Just Fat?” for more information on this subject.

It is also important for you to know that extra fat, especially belly fat, affects insulin sensitivity, thyroid hormone function and testosterone levels (I talk more about T levels in this video – “How To Maximize Your T Levels Naturally” and all of that makes it even harder for you to make gains and lose fat with each bulking cycle.

So why would you want to go on a crazy bulk and gain all kinds of fat just to have a harder time to lose the extra fat in the end? Yes, you need to eat more to grow but, eat in an adequate calorie surplus!

2. Having Unrealistic Expectations
I get comments like this all time:

“Scott, how come you haven’t grown like so and so?”

“You have been the same size forever Scott, shouldn’t you be bigger since you have been lifting your whole life?”

There is nothing that pisses me off more than when people compare me to athletes that are on drugs. To me, that is ignorance at its best! You can look shredded and pretty big as a natural athlete but, sorry to say, you will not look humongous like these pro bodybuilders and many so called “Natural” athletes all over the fitness industry. That’s the reality Nation!

As a drug-free athlete, and not drug free for the past 6 months, you have a limit which is predefined by your genetic makeup. Also understand that you are not going to see unlimited growth for the rest of your life. If that was true, every experienced lifter would look like The Hulk! You gains will taper off as time goes by and that’s just how it is. If you want to be huge, unless you have a genetic mutation, it probably won’t happen naturally.

One way to be natural and look bigger, if that’s what you are into, is to carry a little more body fat so that your overall frame looks bigger. Lots of my friends actually do that because they prefer to look more intimidating vs being shredded.

Now let me clarify that drug users are not just the humongous guys like Arnold. There are plenty out there that are in that midrange physique category that might trick you to think that they are natural and make you THINK that you can look like them. So don’t be gullible guys! Educate yourself, make a decision as to what your goal is and have realistic expectations in terms of what you are going to achieve.


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  1. hey scott i am from India.. i have started gym from 2014 when i was just 48 kilos now i am 63.. but my weight is not increasing past 1.5 years.. can i build muscle mass if i will take quality mass…

  2. 1. Eating too much. Natural lifters can gain 20-25 lbs – year 1; 12-15 lbs – year 2; 6-8 lbs – year 3; 4-5 lbs – years 4+;
    Eat 250-500 kcal above TDEE/day – lean bulking.
    2. Unrealistic expectations.
    3. Thinking heavy weight/low reps is the only way for building muscle. It depends of muscles fibers ratio and applying the growth mechanisms.
    That's why it is needed to include all rep ranges and mechanisms.
    4. Not focusing on full ROM.
    5. Following advice from wrong persons/drug users.
    6. Not switching up the workouts – vary the exercises and techniques from time to time – keep it challenging.
    7. Not paying attention to details: food; insulin function; testosterone levels; supplements; micronutrients.

    Just annotations. Love you.

  3. As a female who recently started lifting u give the best advice that is broken down so even i understand and it makes it easy to apply to my workouts. Doesnt hurt that your voice is sexy…… i like your channel

  4. Scott your like my twin bro (the better looking one) Soon as I saw the Zelds shirt was like that dude knows what hes doing. Good vid as always. May the triforce bless your gains my bro 😉

  5. great video. The only thing I disagree with is the whole hormone/cant get bigger thing. Skinny dudes who dont want to put in the eating time make this excuse that fat chicks who dont want to put in the lifts. (I know, I am sometimes one of theM!) Dont use your hormones as an excuse for not getting bigger unless youre prepared to let every fat chick ever do the same. Im a girl, and I am bigger than most guys when cut (Im fat at the moment). As a massive chick the size of a linebacker, I dont have testosterone or use drugs. Yet, Im big. Huge even. I ask guys who are smaller than they want to be "how many chickens per day do you eat"? They laugh until they see I am dead serious. This helped my friend tremendously. When he finally realized how MUCH the bigger guys eat he was able to make the gains. Sure he had a bit of fat to cut, but who cares? He got to eat to train.

  6. You talked about expectations. Health and fitness should be a msntra. Knew a manvwho lifted for two years and was super shredded. I felt like I was a failure intill I learned he was isibg roids

  7. Scotthermanfitness said that "That's why I ride a Big Brown Indian Cock instead of a Big Black Cock its that simple" :).
    It will take me from point Asshole to Point B ( Butthole)

  8. I just follow my own diet year after year and im not gaining any fat since i was 20,now im 30,i eat amazing tasting food, i know how to cook and i still look lean and muscular with 6pack and all that and im at 80 kg since since i was 21…Btw im 1.7m so i have a heafty amount of muscle for my height!Olso im trying with a roid user for years now, its just fine,each with their own

  9. Everybody has different genetics honestly scott has decent genetics but not the best. He has gained size over the years. I put on muscle really good I'm black , Filipino and white. Genetics are key some can look enhanced being natural why genetics genetics.

  10. Scott makes so many good points. So nice to see a natural bodybuilder chat about these kind of things and help people to understand that they can look good without drugs, but that it won't happen overnight. Can't believe people can mock Scott on his body… insane! He literally has my IDEAL body shape! Maybe one day I will get there haha.

  11. fast forward to 2109 and his video says full body LOW volume workouts as the way to go as it should be. NOT the volume but the AMOUNT of weight used for sets. You get older it is the QUALITY not QUANITY of workout needed.


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