Who knew that when you started lifting weights or going to the gym that it wasn’t just jacked up biceps and ripped abs that were going to be of benefit. There’s a bunch of weird and wonderful extras that come along with get fit that will help you in your everyday life, and here they are!

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  1. I always get scared whenever someone asks me to open something because it feels like a test I haven't prepared for like why have you got to put me on the spot like that. Because if I fail then I look like a fraud and a clown. i get so motivated to open it because I know if I can't open it I'm going to hear "i ThOuGhT yOu wEnT tO tHe gYm?" And it's really annoying.

  2. I chew gum or keep a mint under my tongue when I train. I have for years (and no I've never choked). I already have dry mouth so this really helps. My teeth are fantastic. My dentist sings my praises. 🙂 Brush and FLOSS! FLOSS, kids! And use a flouride rinse daily like ACT (USA people).

  3. I got a new party trick. I'll get a girl to lie across my shoulders and then do a few squats. No one else in my friend group works out so they think Im strong for being able to squat 60kgs when im really not

  4. 3 months ago I went through the toughest time of my life. I got stressed so much I barely ate, I couldnt sleep more than 2,3hrs a night, and I even thought that it could be really good to end all this with a suicide (even looked for a way to do it). Then I met a friend who was doing a little workouts, and saw how different he became, physically and mentally. I signed up to the gym that day, watched hours of tutorial about lifting and nutrition, spend an hr a day at the gym. Boom, 3months later, I'm much fitter, happier, more confident than ever. Im telling you guys, workout changes life.

  5. Holding the pee is actually absolutely right. Especially amongst women who train with heavy weights. There are legit studies about heavy lifting impacting pelvic floor muscles. It's not uncommon for a woman to just straight up pee while performing heavy deadlift. It's still a taboo, but it's absolutely normal. That's why powerlifter women or strongwomen or CrossFit female competitors often have additional pelvic floor muscle strengthening elements in their workouts or just need to put more thought into training lower abdomen and muscles around. It's quite an interesting topic to be honest and it's something that needs to be normalized in fitness industry more.

  6. I'm a mechanic, my hand strength comes in handy a lot of the time in the shop. Sometimes there is a part or something inside a car were you don't have any room to get any leverage, I can brute force a lot of these things were my co workers can't. Its a bonus.

  7. The thing that it helps me with is to get better, more restful sleep. I work nights and when I get home I could straight to bed and sleep for 7+ hours and still wake up feeling like shit. If I get off work, go to the gym and then get home and have some protein before sleep I may only get 5 hours but I feel a lot more rested than I did on 7+ of “regular” sleep.

  8. working out really changed my life and after 2 years of training I know I will be doing it for the rest of my life because of how it made me feel about myself and how it made me more confident… if you think of quitting than just remember how it affected you for the better and keep it up!!!

  9. I would never want to die last out of all my friends because you have to go to their funerals but no one will go to yours and although it would be an amazing reunion in the after life it’s like well shit I waited around on earth a few more years for this smh

  10. "your muscles be able to good to go again and get a smashing in the gym" "you can recover better because you don't have be jup je go ba jooo!"

    I subscribed

  11. Even while listening to this in the background, I was drawing a commission on my laptop. You talked about improving memory and I still remember all the advantages of fitness you pointed out in the video lol

  12. I don't worry about whether being fit is going to make me live longer I just want to look and feel good right now you gotta enjoy life in the present not worry yourself about years from now

  13. What’s the point of living three years longer if you spend the equivalent of 3 years in the gym over a lifetime? Include time to travel to and from the gym, and time to take an extra shower.

  14. 1. Mental health (1000s of studies prove it helps with depression) 2. Physical health, what’s the point of living and not being able to enjoy it (it adds life to your years) 3. Self confidence, who cares what they think (I like me) 4. Less fatigue, you’re not dying because you played catch with your kid (who is never tired) 5. Better option, girls care about a guys body like we care about a girls body (ever tried to holla at a sloppy girl) 6. Do you really need more than this? You enjoy nature more, you have a different out look on everything, people treat you better (they also find you funnier, there’s a study on that) you fit in more places, you cloth and shoes last longer, you don’t sweat from sitting down, you smell better… I could keep going but if you’ve already convinced yourself not to workout there’s nothing anyone can say to you because you can’t teach a man something he already thinks he knows!!

  15. If getting asked to move furniture is not on this list I will be mildly disappointed. Like eating a brownie and finding someone put nuts in it.

    Edit: it was on the list. Quick side note if you ask a friend to help you move offer them pizza and beer it has not failed me yet. Unless your vegan then use the equivalent of pizza and beer.

  16. One weekend, I was struggling with opening a bag of crisps 😀 Seriously, I just couldn't open it by pulling sides. Although, it was a pack of "healthier crisps" so maybe the bag was designed to make it hard to open and make crisps healthier by not eating them 😀 A day before I did quite an intense workout involving forearms, fingers (heavy on pulleys, flexors) and my forearms were just dead the next day. At least no one could see it (except my wife who asked me to open that damn bag but she is already aware of how my training may affect my arms, grip, and pulling strength).

    One more thing (which is tied to living longer) is that weight lifting (and any other form of exercise) reduces the chance of getting cancer.

  17. Egg whites? I ask my wife to save the yolks she seperates from her whites. Too much nutrition to toss out. I can get protein plenty of places. A whole food nutrient dense substance like yolks is really only in organ meats and I can only stomach that blended in with my ground beef.

    The holding your pee is only for natties. You get on enough test and get that prostate swole and you'll be up all night


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