In this episode of the HWMF Podcast, Seth Feroce and Bobby Dautrich go through what it’s like to use Steroids, Sacrifice and Balancing Life, Staying Grounded and the Highs and Lows of running a business. Did the Answer the Internet questions finally go too far?NOW AVAILABLE ON:https://hwmfpodcast.comiTunes/Podcasts – – – Family of Food (3: 45)- The Will to Win (25: 30)- Taking Steroids for the First Time (28: 50)- How Far Are You Willing to Go (47: 35)- Going to the End for Bodybuilding (58: 30)- Going to the Movies and Avatar (1: 07: 15)- Fixing the Faucet (1: 12: 30)- New Moves (1: 20: 30)- I Like That Shit (1: 21: 25)- Know Your Value (1: 28: 20)- Staying Grounded (1: 35: 30)- Answer The Internet (2: 00: 28)


  1. I really enjoy your videos.. it's really very hard for me to stick to a video for more than half an hour, but I Just finished this video in just one go. More power to you sir… Please make a video about FEMALE BODYBUILDING as I am unable to find any good stuff for the same


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