In this video, I share 6 Bodybuilding Tips for you beginners out there. My goal is to help you save time and accomplish your fitness goals faster than I did. I hope that you guys enjoy these beginner videos and apply the bodybuilding principles and beginner tips I discuss in the video. If you learned something, please be sure to SHARE this video and help me help others like yourself. Thank you guys for watching and please subscribe if you haven’t already. Cheers.


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  1. Chris I tried body-building about 7 years ago and I am a very motivated individual im going to be starting again in the next two weeks here. But I have developed a little tummy fat im being realistic I have literally a little belly doing my fucking head in can I still get back into it and bulk or do i need to get rid of the belly fat or is their a way I can train and get rid of the belly at the same time, GREAT VIDEO BRO ill post a before and after pics over the course of the next year but its not that I want to get their quick I know this will be a long walk but I want to make sure i get it right this time I'm a big guy in frame and BMI and when I train i can notices changes early I'm 29 years old also but I want to get myself back in form and this time round I don't want to fuck it up can you reply with what I should eat everyday, I know about the sweet potatoes and rice and that stuff but could you tell me what to bulk prepare and when starting how many times i should attend the gym during the week and some type of exercise program that I could could follow for the next couple of months. Thank you very much for the video I know Im asking a little but I could use a little head start bro thanks again, and I post my story on face book from the start because Man to man im feeling fucking depressed with the way I look bro

  2. hey kris. I was wondering what you do for your triceps. I also really want to know what you do for your abs training. Please reply thanks p.s. trainng to get a body like hrithik roshan and one day even like you

  3. Hey Kris, I grew up with Epilepsy so as a result I'm nervous to take a pre-workout or any other supplements for that matter, have you heard of any issue with those as far as epilepsy is concerned?

  4. What about periodic fasting? Also the newest research shows that eating proteins just before going to bed is up to 30 percent more effective than eating proteins during the entire day.

  5. guys I am lean. i did my workout everyday I never missed. I took my protein shake and maintain gud diet..I found results in first month. I got gud result .but after 2 months the results are still same. I dint miss any workout. plz telll me how many more days I need to get real results

  6. Hi Kris, Love the channel by the way. What heart rate do you strive for when doing cardio? Should it be at a steady state or bounce up & down like with interval training? Do you have any other thoughts or guidelines to promote fat loss whilst building muscle? Bernie

  7. Sorry for my bad english..
    My height is 179cm or 5f 9" and I always want to get V shape of my upper body but my waist only get 32 inch for minimums and that was the thinnest body I've ever had…can't get small than that..Is that genetic or what??

  8. Iv been on a low carb diet for 4 months lost 3 stone and I'm now looking into the gym side of things.. from what your saying I'd say I'm already doing 2 maybe 3 of those points but iv never used a gym and no idea where to start


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