In this video we countdown the top 5 worst accidents at bodybuilding competitions, ever in bodybuilding history.
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  1. People think all bodybuilders are strong. They are not. This is body sculpting and before they compete they deprive themselves of food and water and when they are up there on stage they are actually in their weakest shape.

  2. That last one reminds me of a kid in the Zombiefit parkour/ freerunning class my buddies started at Excell gymnastics a few years ago in St.Charles, IL. Before the warm-up for class I did a couple back tucks for fun. These new kids were there for their first class, and after watching me do a few tucks, one of the kids has the bright idea of trying a back tuck on his own to show off to his friends. Clearly this kid did not know how to properly execute the flip, because he failed to fully rotate like the body builder in the vid. He landed on his head and luckily wasn't really hurt, but I immediately had to jump in and scold the group of them. I had to explain that if he would have gotten hurt, not only could he have been paralyzed or worse , but that he could have potentially lost us the class and have us sued. The most infuriating part is that the kids didn't even want to listen or take me seriously. I was even nice enough to offer to spot the kid and teach him to do it properly. I understand the appeal of trying after seeing how easy the flip really is, but you should always go about it the right way. All he had to do was ask me or another instructor and he could have safely been taught how. I understand wanting to just try it and getting caught up in the moment with your friends, but if you are participating in a class with professionals and want to learn, why wouldn't you just ask?

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  4. I really don’t understand bodybuilding because they eat so much but still it’s dangerous. Why don’t they make the rule where steroids is forbidden. What’s the point of eating so much everyday but then ur kidneys fail or liver fail. It’s dangerous. Stop the use of steroids.

  5. Hey, Nick, Im pretty sure the leak in that guys shoulders was water based winstrol. Also, the guy doing the backflip had done it many times onstage but this time he had socks on and it changed the traction of his feet which threw the whole thing off by enough that he landed on his neck. Just thought id lend what info I did know on these 2 incidents. Keep up the amazing work.

  6. How do the judges get chosen for these events? Looking at the judge the got knocked out his loafers, it’s clear their not chosen for being retired “hall of famers”. It’s gotta just be some weird, old, pervy trust fund inheritors that have a gay fetish for guys that look like their biceps have become a large inconvenience in their ability to put food from the plate to their mouths using utensils. Anyone have actual knowledge of the judging process as I’m actually curious after watching that tickling competition documentary on HBO where a old wealthy gay guy fucks with the lives of countless dudes trying to make a buck not knowing what they were getting themselves into…

  7. This is actually the only channel i can deal with the small ad infront of it, since you're always going straight to the topic without talking about this and that .Also, thanks for not putting in 5-second ads every 2 minutes!


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