Demoing 5 drills that will improve your technique in the snatch and clean & jerk.

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  1. Ur content never fails to amaze me. With the dip cleans , I’m cheating a bit by bending forward to slide the bar down a slight bit and then jumping up and essentially making it a very high hang clean. How can I fix this to make it a true dip / hip clean , any cues ?

  2. I'm a little confused. When your showing the drillers your hand position on the bar is about shoulder width apart. That was how I was taught to lift. When you show the actual lift your hands are so much farther apart. Is it not difficult in competition to get confused? The pressure would make me screw that up.

  3. This was awesome! Definitely going to add these to my training!!! Thank you!!! Do you have any drills to get the feet quicker for receiving in split jerk. I’m struggling with it. I like power jerk … hate split but I keep trying.

  4. It seems like you add a hip thrust when snatching or cleaning. I'm a beginner and my technique sucks. Just trying to make sure that I'm doing it right

  5. Could you make a video about how to safely add weight over time? Ive been using an empty bar for 3 weeks because Im pretty sure I would crash at 40kg. And I couldn't find any guides on how add weight safely. So I have no idea how fast the linear progression should be, for oly lifts. Thanks!

  6. Your content is really good I promise I'm not subscribed because I have a huge crush on you.

    All joking aside, I believe, though I maybe wrong, that these drills are fantastic for people who only have access to rubber plates a few days a week (cries in third world).

  7. I have some real big problems with my snatch technique… I look really weird when I go down in the squat position after bringing the weight above my head, most likely because I place my feet to wide with the short jump that comes with it… Could you name some tips how to avoid this really aesthetically unpleasing mistake? That would really help me out…


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