5 Bodybuilding Legends & Their Sons
How these young men compare to their father?
1. Arnold Schwarzenegger & Joseph Baena
2. Sergio Oliva & Sergio Oliva Jr
3. Dorian Yates & Lewis Yates
4. Lou Ferrigno & Lou Ferrigno Jr
5. Lee Labrada & Hunter Labrada

– Titan Striker – Evan King

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  1. In the late 70's and early 80's, I would see Sergio on Broadway and 94th – 96th Street in Manhattan. I could never get over how powerful he was. I was only taken back by the fact that he was shorter than I – I'm 6'1'. In the magazines, on television, and in films he always gave the presence of being taller. I could not get over the fact the had lost the 'Mr. Olympia' title in 1970 to Arnold, but years later it made sense why; I read that Arnold admitted to taking Steroids to beat Sergio.
    Also, all of the old timers here still got it way over on their sons. Don't know what it is but Junior can't touch pops.

  2. I seen the Joe weider muscle fitness mag on a liquor store news rack 50 years ago as a 9 year old and it had Arnold on the cover saying I'm going to Smash Sergio.


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