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  1. I absolutely love this workout.  Do you recommend doing a cardio workout in conjunction with this one for weight loss, one right after the other, or alternating days? Also, which cardio work out would you recommend to do to compliment this one?  I did one of your HIIT workouts one day, and then this workout the next and day 3 I was dead, so I am not thinking that was the best choice for me.  So glad I found you guys!!

  2. I have a shoulder impingement and get cortisone injections, I've also heard many physical therapists state that those dips will cause injury to your shoulders. I modify, as I do love the videos; after a knee surgery, they are helping me return to exercising 😉

  3. The trainers were very encouraging, but I found this workout to be a little slow. Lots of time between circuits. I got sweat going and heart rate up when I went from one exercise to the next without breaks and skipping the time in between on the video.

  4. I struggled doing this one today because I upped my weights. Finished in a pool of swear. Hey Hasfit, could I put in a suggestion that after hard workouts like this we could do more floor cool downs? I find that my heart rate is really high after completing a longer work out and usually need a few minutes on the ground.

  5. Before I found HASfit, I dreaded working out and had to force myself most days. Now I actually look forward to it! Also, starting to see some new definition in my muscles!

  6. Did this one again went up to my 20lb dumbells and also my 15's and 12's time to buy some heavier weights so I can keep going towards my fitness goal! Thanks Coach and Miss Claudia!

  7. Great workout with slight modifications. I’ve had knee injuries and whiplash from a car accident. So sit-up movements are a bit tough. Could use demos of how to vary tough exercises for those of us with lingering difficulties.
    Otherwise, I use and enjoy the results from your encouraging workouts.

  8. Just moved up to this video from the 15 minute beginner ones! Was a right challenge to complete but can't wait to try and improve next time! Thanks to you both for posting these videos, they are sooo good 😀

  9. Hey guys! I love your workouts and love how authentic and motivating you are. I just wanted to know if the strength training workouts would be effective in losing weight (paired with a healthy diet of course)? I just prefer the strength training workouts to cardio and feel like I'm getting more 'done' with I incorporate slower movements with great form that still gets my heart rate up and sweating like cray. Let me know when you can. 🙂

  10. Thanks for a great workout! I have seen some great results. I am a 60 year old man. I recently went for my annual physical. My doctor told me I had a body of a active 40 year old. My sincere wishes for continued success and happiness for you and your family.

  11. hi has fit if I do 2 times a week legs and butt and 1 time total body is good because I didn't have time for separate for arms and shoulders is effective or should be separate thank you for your time

  12. Great workout Coach and Claudia! I came back from a 3 wk vacation so I'm totally out of breath…but I made it! Like you said "Better sore than sorry" so here I am! Thank you so much for the motivation 🙂

  13. I love you guys, and I love your workouts. I have been a skinny girl all my life (with a massive appetite though). I was at home this past one year, prepping for a very important competitive exam. Sitting at one place all day and studying with barely any physical activity started to show it's effects on my body. I put on at least 10 pounds, developed a paunch and double chin. My friends and relatives who saw me after a long time pointed it out (not in a bad or mean way). It put me in a panic mode, especially because I have a family history of severe diabetes and coronary artery disease. On my 25th birthday almost 2 months ago, I decided I will change my lifestyle, get in better shape so that I don't have any regrets when I grow old. Sure, if it's in my genes, I will develop diabetes sooner or later. But I knew if I worked out, got stronger and kept my weight under control, I'd be in a better position to fight it. It's been a month since I've been working out with the help of your videos, along with practicing portion control in my diet. Not only am I seeing the effects physically, but also emotionally. I feel so much better, stronger, confident.
    I have recommended you to all my friends and family, and I pray for further growth of your channel.
    Lots of love.


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