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  1. just started working out with you, i am on 30day program…. on my second week. i cant wait to finish the 30days and see some great results. you guys rock.. thank you so much for what you doing and helping people to be the best versions of themselves. love you and may God keep blessing and using you in this mighty way.

  2. Already starting my final week of the muscle building program… for the first time I used my heaviest dumbells throughout the whole workout. It's not much (only 5 kg each) but means a lot to me 😀

  3. You guys just KNOW my weaknesses! I needed all of your encouragement to push through today. Thank you for all the love and work that goes into these workouts!

  4. Hi! Since I dont have any gym membership, im using this video for my strength exercises and I do hiit for 2-3x a week. Am i on the right track?

  5. I can't go to my gym anymore so I do strength training at home. This is a really great workout!!! Choose the right weights and you get much out of this workout. I followed Claudia on this one, it was heavy enough. I usually do the workouts with Claudia in them as she does modifications :)) You guys have one of the best Youtube-channels for at home workouts. Greetings from Belgium.

  6. I have no idea where the strength is coming from on those elbow push-ups/pop-ups. I have to do those on all fours with my knees at 90 degrees instead of a knee plank. Where does the power/strength come from to straighten your arms if you are in a plank?

  7. You both are wonderful But the Lady today was very beautiful ! I mean was always pretty But today Took My heart !! I love you ! And love working Out with you ! Thnx guys

  8. Hey , i have been doing workouts with weights ( 3kgs ) for sbout 3 weeks now ( 4-5 days a week) , the back of my neck hurts now and its the bad kind of pain not the sore muscles kind of pain . I think my neck muscles are weak and i am starting to feel it is the cervical neck pain , what should i do?

  9. I love your videos. They are hard but not too hard. I have only been working out for 3 weeks at a local women's gym where I did one of your videos from a tablet connected to a TV. At home, I looked for your youtube channel and just completed this 35 min Strength Training. I was pouring sweat but I felt good completing the entire workout. I used to run 4 miles a day and cycle but pre-menopause pain stopped me for a year. Now I'm getting back into regular exercise and this feels great! I hope other women, once they get through pre-menopause, don't become couch potatoes (like I was) and find your videos too! :0P

  10. Great videos guys.
    I'm am 54 years old and after searching on youtube, Your workouts are just amazing .
    i LOVE you guys!

    I am staying with the 30-35 dumbbell workouts for now.
    But I also tried the HIIT sessions.
    Just great.
    I work from home, so Around 5pm, I stop working and work out in my office right away.
    Then hit the shower. No wasting time at the gym!!

    Good job guys…


  11. Really enjoyed this strength training workoiut. Followed it with the 30 Min Cardio HIIT that was included on the calendar as an "OR" but took it easy Saturday and Sunday so decided to go for it. Hope that was okay.

  12. I've been doing Hasfit workouts weekly for over 3 years and I havent seen one single improvement, I've seen HUNDREDS!!!
    Thank you so much Coach K for all the great workouts and motivation over the years. I just turned 49 and weighed almost 300lbs 6 years ago, im now 170 and workout at home everyday thanks to Hasfit.

    Happy Holidays to you and your wonderful family.

  13. This was an excellent workout! One of my favorites. I have downloaded your app and it has helped so much to organize my workouts!! I am turning 50 this summer and I am determined to be in excellent shape, no getting old and fat for me!! I am now a certified health coach and it is my dream to help and inspire others to reach their goals as you two have done. Also, on another point with you guys, I love the example you set for marriage. I love the relationship you have with each other. Many times I do your workout with my 3 teenage girls and they will comment on how they want a relationship like yours! I love you guys and many many blessings on you and your family!!!!!!

  14. Ooh, this one is challenging, I like it 🙂 I look forward to being able to do the advanced version of those tricep pop-ups and one-arm push-ups. In the meantime, I'm good with Claudia's version!

  15. First I did ur 40 minute boxing cardio and then finished with this. I feel greeeaaat! Thanks! I’m glad I’m also supporting you guys on Patreon for quality and effective workout.

  16. Just discovered your channel browsing for new workouts to beat my workout plateau. I just did the one, for the time being, but I love the presentation, the explanations and albeit taking it slowly, this is something of a challenge, especially as you can up it with the modifications and using heavier weights. Great and thank you! Will sure become an aficionada!


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