Join group fitness expert Raneir Pollard for a challenging strength-training workout. During this session, you’ll work through exercises like deadlift to rows, push-ups, and side planks. This is an advanced workout, so be sure to listen to your body, take breaks, and use lighter weights as needed.

Recommended equipment: 2 light and 2 medium free weights

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  1. What weights are they using in the video? I have no idea how heavy it should be. I don't have weights at home and want to pick something similar.

  2. Ok can we please have you more !!! Love your training , explanation!!! Love the workouts ! It’s not like you are about to give us a heart attack or wanting just to do a workout to show off or like you had 2 Red Bull’s back to back you actually show us how to stick with it !!! ❤️❤️❤️hard day at work but you made it better !!! Frontline worker love over here

  3. I loved this workout. It was a good pace, it was challenging, I was sweating and I like the trainer’s personality. He keeps it fun. More videos with him please.

  4. BIG LOVE to Raneir!! Just did this workout and didn't even notice how painful it was because Raneir is bursting with hilarity and good vibes. Still feeling all noodley arms typing this, but his cooldown has me feeling so gooooooddd. Ready to start my day

  5. I’ve been doing popsugar videos throughout the pandemic, and without question this is my favorite video I’ve done so far. It pushed me and worked me without ever killing me or getting me to a point where I needed a to stop. I feel great.

  6. wow Ranier – I def worked harder than you (i dont think) I did not take the 10 sec breaks (oh no would i lie) and my weights were harder than yours ! This class and guy are genius but maybe he has not encouraged me to me honest xxx love you Ranier – thanks to Popsugar for providing the best workout teachers in the Planet

  7. does anyone else get a sore back from the deadlifts? I'm not sure where I'm going wrong. I try to keep my back straight, head in line and I engage my core and glutes. I love the workout but my back doesn't!!

  8. I love your teaching style. You helped me sweat out the stress and funk of a bad day, while providing doses of wisdom and philosophy. Thank you for sharing your love of fitness with the world.

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  10. Oh Lord I love love this work, I was looking for something simple, what I mean by that is no jumping cauz I live upstairs I don't want disturb the neighbors under me, I'm telling u this is the perfect workout you're burning fat at your own pace. Just did my first workout this morning I'm in love with it. Thank you


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