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  1. Any tips to get a more explosive deadlift / clean ? I'm new to olympic lifting, but I really wanna try getting used to it. I'm also struggling going under the bar when catching it, both in CNJ and snatch. (Think I get nervous and power it instead.. commercial gyms don't like you dropping the weights.. so I make sure I don't have to.. even though it almost fucked up my shoulder once… )

  2. I rarely comment or like videos, but every time you put out content it's quality, interesting and very informative. Even though I don't practice weightlifting, I feel like the theory behind your explanations translates very well to "normal gym training".
    Thank you for that, keep up the good work!

  3. What I don't understand is why should we use a quad dominant first pull. My interpretation is that no matter the pull, when the bar meets the knees the knees HAVE to stay back for the back to travel above midfoot, I also see everyone who uses quad dominant first pull raise their hips and push their knees back as soon as the bar leaves the floor, why not start it like a Deadlift to begin with? Also, is the tip about starting the bar a bit further than midfoot correct? (As it sets a more diagonal instead of vertical path which is preferable)

  4. Intresting video. It correlates with that recent velocity based study.
    QUESTION: You start a new cycle with low rel. intensities around 80% and without any supportive gear. Then at some point the bar speed slows down because the bar is so heavy or life happened and you are not in your best performance. But you still try to hold on to your percentages, sets and reps and maintain that good bar speed by adding as little supportive gear as needed to do that. Any thoughts?

  5. I realise now you have about the same weightlifting PRs as mat Fraser. I would love to see you two go head to head in a weightlifting comp that would be awesome because you’re so evenly matched

  6. Zach, your channel is a gift. I recently turned 40 and getting back into training and I find the thinking and consideration you share from your efforts remind me of the thoughts that used to go on in my head some 15-20 years back. Only you posses a great deal more wisdom and perspective at your age and when you don't you have Dylan to keep you in check. Deeply appreciate your fantastic work my friend, long may it continue

  7. Brother. Everytime during squat's I feel I get dizzy which kind of limits me of going heavyier. Do you know why that might be? I squat ass to grass. Don't know if that might have to do with it?

  8. yes the cutting video pls. and what do you think about body recomposition (I'm a beginner, am trying to eat sensibly so I don't have to cut much, if at all, in the future)

  9. I think this really shows how fundamental the laws are that govern adaptation in the gym. Thanks for the specific layout Zack, I’ll definitely give this a go over the summer when I don’t have programming

  10. Hate to keep “feeding the beast”, but Zack you have a natural ability to teach/coach. More impactful than the other, more “institutional” sites. Neutral spine from lower abs = pelvic floor engagement which drives gl;Ute engagement. Well done

  11. You know ive struggled with my back squat I got the shits with trying to follow a program so ive just been squating in good form about 3 reps away from failer , pretty much what you have just told us what you have been doing , I even been using your que of keeping the rib cage down and not arching my upper back , started this methods during the xmas holidays and my progress has been the fastest it's ever been thank you so much , it's reassuring that I'm probably doing the right thing

  12. Pls do a video on periodisation when loosing weight (pretty fast, so like 1kg a week) without losing strength. Im trying to cut a month from now but dont want to loose all my strength obviously

  13. Eion is a great example of your point for recent context. He mentioned he stopped back squatting because it was taking away from his primary lifts and didn’t serve to better them at this point; his legs are more than strong enough and there is no reason to feed the ego when it doesn’t translate to bettering the lifts that matter.

  14. As a person with extremely long legs and a short torso I’m consistently amazed at your hip mobility and ankle flexion! I’m working on it but holy moly it’s difficult after 40!

  15. What makes you stand out over anyone else giving advice on YT, is that you're real and you're not afraid to show it. You admit when you do something wrong and share it with us so we all learn. Much appreciation

  16. You know what you should do, a 3 week block, for example the first week you do 4×10 reps the next 4×8 reps and the last week 5×5 and heavier weight, the rep range and weight is determined by percentages, so first week you would start with let say 65% of your max, next week 70-75% of your max and the last week 80-90 percent, yes it’s heavy shit but manageable. And after that week you repeat again, you add five pounds to the original 65% percent and and so on. I don’t think I’m explaining it right but hope you get what I’m saying

  17. Thanks Zach for NOT Cursing… I USE YOUR Videos on training and I have my students watch your OUTSTANDing Training and Concepts for Weightlifting… I cannot send the students videos with cursing… Thanks again Coach Robertson

  18. Hey Zack, thanks for all the great content man, really appreciate it. As someone who has been self-critiquing/thinking/working on my torso angle a lot, I have a question: at 0:50 you show some nice numbers in your squat but it doesn't look vertical like what you talk about at 2:30 something. Is that as vert as someone with long femurs can expect to get in the back squat? and is there an angle number thrown around for appropriate differences in the front and back squat? thanks in advance for any help.


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