2019 World Weightlifting Championships. men 81kg
Pattaya, Thailand
Чемпионат мира по тяжелой атлетике 2019. Мужчины до 81 кг
Паттайя, Тайланд


  1. Юрик Варданян еще сорок лет назад ,в этой весовой категории, перщел 400 килограмовый рубеж.Так что,все новое, это пройденное старое .Жаль ,Карапетян был готов на установление рекордов,на тренировках у него все получалось,но,увы,у парня что то не получилось,надеемся на Олимпиаде получиться.

  2. lu xiaojun, what the heck?! anyone else in his place would have snapped in two pieces!

    even if he was faking the injury, STILL that was an amazing feat of strength! without warming up, he just nailed a world record like it was nothing!

    and considering he was genuinely injured there, what he did was simply legendary!
    this dude is a god!

  3. Even if he didn’t get his third lift off, hell, even if he had forfeited it, it would have been a beautiful « passing of the torch » moment between the veteran and the rookie. But then that lift. That’s the spirit of a true champion.

  4. I think Lu might have strained his hip or lower back before his opener because he was telling his coach to massage his lower back area prior to the opener


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