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***Equipment I use***

Weights: Power Block Dumbbells U70 set up to 40 lbs:

Expansion kit on my Powerblock Dumbbells to make them go up to 60lbs:

PowerBlocks on YouTube:

Titan Fitness EZ curl bar:

Titan Fitness Elite Olympic bumper plates:

Titan Fitness adjustable kettlebell:

Titan Fitness bar jack:

Versa Grips:

Squat sponge:

Sandbag: Iron Core Athletics Pink Sandbag Training Fitness Workout System: **I have the Medium size bag and have it filled to 52.5 lbs**

Plyo Box:  Stamina X adjustable height plyo box:

Grippy sling shot Hip Circle:

Ankle weights: Gold’s Gym 5 Lb:

Bosu Ball:

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2019 Weight Lifting #6: FULL BODY ball
plyo box
2 sun salutations
5 roll back jumps
5 walk out pushup
5 later lunge and reach
10 switch lunges

Giant set:
1. 5 Handstand shoulder taps plank jack shoulder taps
2. 8 Decline pushups knee tuck glute raise 4/leg
3. 12 Heavy sumo squat/dL hybrid

Giant set 3x
1. 12 tricep pushup
2. 6 KB DL/Squat + alt curtsy lunge
3. 10 bosu sit to box jump

high rep superset 3x
1. 25 Rev frog hypers
2. 25 kB RDL

Giant set 2x
1. 15, 10 Bosu burpees
2. 5 hang cleans drop set 5 reps 3 weights
3 . 8, 6 manmakers

Tabata pair
1. Lateral lunge and pistol
2.. bosu hops

Tabata Pair
1. oblique leg drops per side
2. OH high knee toe taps

Kanch’s Booty Burnout
10-1 hamstring ball curls
1-10 glute bridges

ab burnout
10-1 ball knee tucks
1-10 ball crunches


  1. This third giant set was the toughest part of this workout. Maybe it wouldn't have that hard at the beginning, but as the last rep set it took me very long. I hurt m shoulder yesterday, so went a bit slower today, just to make sure I have a good form and not hurting my shoulder any further. Loved the mix between cardio and strength, and the abs finisher! I love abs finishers! Thank you for this great workout, I needed longer and burnt 475 calories.

  2. Sorry but might you add some space characters and some stanzas or blank lines so that the break down is better to read? It´s crazy to read and understand. I´m so sorry to ask this, don´t be angry please. xx.

  3. I tried the decline push ups with knee tuck and glute raise by keeping the working leg elevated the whole time. very challenging! As was the rest of this workout as always! Thanks again!!!

  4. Manmakers are always just UUUUGH, but Kanchana….that hamstring burn!!!! Actually both of the burnouts were seriously painful! Loved this workout though! Julia, I showed people at the gym I workout at this time of year your 85 lb. (or close to it) cleans and they had a look of complete awe on their face. I told them that was nothing, you were doing dropsets and normally press it too! So proud of my girl 🙂

  5. Great workout. That burnout was hard. Funny my little one decided that it was a perfect time to sit on mommy tummy and start bouncing up and down while I was doing the hamstrings ball curl and bridges. Hey what can I say she know mommy wants a hard workout. Thanks again.

  6. Finally got this killer workout done today. I must have been doing something wrong on the glute ladder…my calves kept cramping up. I had to make adjustments to get the hamstrings activated. Thank you for an awesome workout.

  7. Average HR: 124, Peak HR: 160, Time: 65 mins (skipped warmup), Total Cals: 764. Man, this thing starts hard and only gets harder, like sure we all know manmakers can kill but who knew front load curtsies were so hard?!?! And just when you think it's getting a little easier at the tabata section, that booty burnout shows up – I was sort of giggling to myself because I couldn't believe the level of pain (good pain, i.e. burn pain). Loved the whole thing – thanks!

    To help translate my Average HR to give you a sense of the workout: 110s is what I get from a mostly upper-body workout, 120s is full body with some cardio, 130-134 is heavy weights and cardio (or a 120s-type workout with a weighted vest), 135 and above is totally dying the whole time :).

    Since different body sizes will generate different calorie burn, I included my Average HR so you can guesstimate your own potential calorie burn for this workout. Just plug in your gender/height/weight stats with my Average HR and Time into this calculator for a rough idea:


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