Open bodybuilding call outs from prejudging of the 2019 Arnold Classic.


  1. Steve Blechman, Or however you spell his name, must totally get off on Arnold giving him props on his magazine, because that’s how all of his videos start off now!! Come on Steve get over yourself!!! REALLY?!!!

  2. i was thinking brandon gonna take 1st when i watch it on the live stream BUT after watching this
    both of them bring their best physiques
    anyone of them may place first

    the most muscular of william bonac just CRAZY.
    and front Lat spread of Brandon its just breath taking

  3. Really disappointed that Cedric can't come in shredded to the max. He'd win this show, instead he's not even going to crack the top 5. A shame. And all the critics about Roelly being way out of shape 2 weeks out were right, me included. He didn't even crack top 3 and i'd be surprised if he made it to top 5.

  4. I think William just barely edged out Brandon this time and I expect Luke to be 3rd. Brandon's structure is superior to William's but William has those freaky 3d muscle bellies and his conditioning is just better. His calves help make him a bit more complete than Brandon also. Brandon's back lat spread is phenomenal and his V-taper if awesome.

  5. Curry is the perfect example of how so many modern guys don't know how to posture correctly in the poses. When he's hitting his front poses, he's pushing his hips and ass BACKWARDS, and his shoulders BACKWARDS, basically creating a convex frontal plane that accentuates any bubble-gut tendencies and catches all the light on his stomach. It should be exactly the other way around, where you should push your hips and shoulders slightly FORWARD, therefore creating a frontal plane which is concave, with the most rearward visible point being dead center at the stomach. Arnold knew this and was the master of it. So many of the modern guys arch their lower back in the front poses and stick their butt out. They don't have a fucking clue. Nathan De'Asha is another guy who is the perfect example of how to hit the poses WRONG…His front double-bi is convex-torso-plane city.

  6. A couple years ago Brandon curry stopped in the middle of his posing to help Dallas macarver. No one else did. So when he won this I saw a true champion. A real man. Not some narcissistic zombie. Congrats Brandon you earned and deserve it.

  7. Great win for Curry, Roelly a let down, throwing money away, McMillan has everything apart from sharpness, don't know how he can't get it, Luke was terrific as was William.

  8. william has such poor poor structure …narrow shoulders wideish waist wideish hips ….he has quality muscle on legs but not his back or waist they are smooth.

    brandon has cartoonish structure and makes william look clumsy on front and back shots


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