IF anyone wished the stream last night was better… here you go, 720p Men’s OPEN bodybuilding Division from the Olympia 2018

uploading other divisions as well. please check our page.

WE DO NOT OWN THIDS VIDEO OR CLAIM TO. WE ARE PUTTING THIS UP AS A PUBLIC SERVICE so viewers around the world can see FLEX LEWIS’ final Olympia performance.




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  1. Forget about legs and midsection!! Look at Shawn Roden's glutes man, no one has that definition. I can easily count the muscle striations in his glutes, amazingly conditioned for such a huge physique

  2. Way back as a young la I love male muscle Not even in my wildest dreams could I imagine just how perfect these men can sculpt their bodies into works of pure, manly art! I need to see them everyday When I wake up first thing I do is view thise Gods of Muscle! They touch my soul, my heart & my mind! (as an added treat lke it when due that flexing the blood also flows into the manhood-parts You see The Cock is a God for me, too!) Sincerely hope this does not offend or shock any of you, OK ?

  3. In the front double bi at 8:15 I'd have Phil dead last. Even stumpy Bonac looks bigger and better. I'd love to see Roelly next to Phil in that pose. I think Roelly needs to hit his rear double bi differently.
    His back disappears, because he is scrunching his shoulders together. His back lat spread is pretty good, but strangely his front one looks poor.
    Even so, overall I'd still give Roelly second place.

  4. When you really analyze every body part from the Legs Back arms shoulders & chest it’s clear that Phil Heath had more definition & density than winklar Rhoden & bonac his midsection costed him the victory. Overall presentation is everything Shawn’s midsection was equivalent to entirety of his physique which is why he claimed the victory.

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