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  1. I sing your praises whenever I can. My husband and I get up at 4 a.m. 5 days a week to work out with you two!! We have both lost about 15 pounds. The workouts are butt kickers but we love them! Thanks so much.

  2. Awesome workout! I saved the cooldown and went further with the 20 minutes home bicep workout. Im having a neck and shoulder injury for a few weeks now and the cooldown with the shoulder stretches are new to me and gave an amazingly relief! California TLC, thanxxx

  3. I'm an intermediate/advanced exerciser and follow your Motive program. We've been passing around a nasty little virus in our family and I was feeling weak today. So I tried this beginner strength program rather than the 35 minute routine scheduled today. Really enjoyed a basic workout for a change (usually they bore me to tears, LOL) and feeling a bit better! Thanks HASfit!

  4. hey guys! I have been following the beginner workout plan for 25 days and I wanted to know when I can switch to other programmes (30 day Abs challenge OR 30 day challenge to get in shape)?

  5. So this is amazing. Loved the workout. I am looking forward to losing few kilos for sure. So do we try out various workouts everyday or just follow one before moving on to the next level. Would really appreciate a revert. Thanks a lot.

  6. I have recently started working out at a gym without a personal trainer have cervical, knee pain(due to weight) and back pain. However, I plan to strengthen the same. It will be great if you can guide me on how do I plan my workout so I can lose weight and strengthen my weak areas. I hope I can do these exercises you have shared here. It really looks interesting and really appreciate both of you for sharing the exercises. Tx

  7. Coming back to this routine after increasing my weights felt like starting all over again! Thank you both for making these incredible videos that are so accessible for everyone regardless of fitness level. 🙂

  8. I can do most of this but not the floor 'swimming' or the split squat, whenever I go to bend my legs frontwards to do the split squat my weight feels to heavy to lift back up and my knees hurt, I tried doing smaller ones not all the way down but they felt really difficult to push through, do I have to keep just plodding on until eventually I am better at them or is there a way to improve them? Thanks in advance

  9. I don't think working out has ever made me quite so happy as working out with the two of you. It's like a workout accompanied by an inspirational talk accompanied by a master class in growth mentality. A million thanks!

  10. Thank you guys for these super efficient workouts. I have no time for gym currently and your efforts are much appreciated. I am trying to do these everyday. Hopefully i get to your fitness levels somedays. Cheers.

  11. thank you a lot! My energy levels have been a little on the low side this week and the longer workouts did not seem like a good idea. This was definitely better than sitting around and thinking about how tired I was and I'm feeling a lot better now 😀


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